Living with the Kombai (World’s Lost Tribes)

Co-presenting with jungle guru Mark Anstice, Mark and Olly embarked on a unique expedition into one of the most remote rainforests on Earth. Their goal was to track down and live with the remarkable Kombai tribe, a people whose way of has changed little since the Stone Age.

The Kombai are among the world’s last hunter-gatherers. They live in isolation from the rest of the globe, in precarious treehouses dotted throughout the jungle of West Papua. Their only tools are stone axes; their only clothes are grass skirts and penis gourds.

As they immerse themselves in a totally different world, Mark and Olly attempted to survive by living off the land, exactly like the Kombai. It’s a hard-core challenge, because not only must they learn how to eat giant maggots and hunt wild boar, they must also build their own house, learn a new language and understand religious tribal rituals – including cannibalism.

The series follows the dramatic highs and lows of the pair’s quest to actually live for months in the rainforest, learning from the undisputed masters – the Kombai – from the Travel Channel website

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Production details

Title: Living with the Kombai: the Adventures of Mark & Olly (UK: World’s Lost Tribes)
Role: Presenter
Transmission: Discovery Channel Worldwide & Travel Channel (US) 2007
Location: West Papua
Format: 7 x 60 minutes

Some video highlights (DVD available on Amazon)