Oliver reports for Earthrise – Al Jazeera’s environmental series that explores solutions to environmental problems. Many of Oliver’s reports focus on marine-related issues including:

No Take: The Power of Marine Protected Areas
At current rates of decline, scientists predict our seas could be empty of fish within 40 years. With a billion people eating fish as their primary source of animal protein and 200 million people depending on fishing as their only source of livelihood, that would mean a humanitarian disaster. Reporting for Earthrise from Scotland’s first fully protected marine reserve, exploring why marine protection works and why we need 25% of our seas protected to restore the ocean’s health.

Solar Shipping: the first solar circumnavigation
One giant container ship emits roughly the same amount of cancer and asthma-causing chemicals as 50million cars. Shipping is one of the most polluting and fastest growing industries. Time for solar shipping even… Hybrid shipping. Reporting from Planet Solar – the first solar circumnavigation of the earth…

Enviro-alchemy: turning plastics into fuel
We live in the Age of Plastic – producing more plastic in the last ten years than we did in the whole of the last century … and as plastics takes 100s of years to degrade so every single piece we have not recycled, still exists. How do you get rid of non-recyclable plastics? Turn them into cleaner, more efficient fuel.

Tidal Turbines: the power of the ocean
The European Union has set a target of 20% of its energy needs coming from renewable sources by 2020. To make this happen, they will have to harness the power of wind sun and the sea…. To the coast of Northern Ireland to explore the potential of tidal power.