The New Red Guards: Cultural Revolution Part II

Gone are the days of the Mao suits and bicycles – Chinese modern art has hit the world stage with force, films like HERO and CROUCHING TIGER have won international acclaim, actors like Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, and Chow Yun-Fat are making waves in Hollywood, musicians such as Sa Dingding (‘The Bjork of Asia’) are winning awards globally. They are part of a new cultural revolution that’s about as far from The Chairman’s original version as you could get. This film follows the New Red Guards – from punk bands to comedians, from Pop Idols to China’s own Oprah, from authors to artists – we learn how they are shaking the fabric of their society and challenging the State’s limitations on their free expression. They are embracing new forms of empowerment and expression to explore the changing political, social, environmental and economic landscape. They are part of a movement of self-assured urban Chinese youth proud of their country and tired of being patronized by the West. They represent a changing Chinese identity that is moving beyond the clichés of Chineseness to deal concretely with issues faced by their society. How these tensions will be resolved, no one knows. But in the meantime, their actions are turning this very friction into a pioneering source of inspiration and change.



Production Details
Locations: China,
Role: Correspondent, Producer, Director, Series Producer
TX: 1 X 21minutes: Al Jazeera English, People & Power May 2008
Distribution: Contact Oliver Steeds