The Class of 2008

In the style of 24, The Class of 2008 follows 24 hours in the lives of 3 very different university students, each representing a very different social class of New China. They are just 3 of the 6million students graduating this year. Against a visual backdrop of youth China, each character reveals very different personal aspirations that reflect what they each want both for themselves and for the future of their country. A far cry the generation of young Chinese are the drivers and chief beneficiaries of the country’s current boom, and how many see democracy as a potential destabilizing force. The upper and middle class students care little for politics, believe they can’t change it and see their political lives within a greater Nationalist agenda. And because of their self-interested, apolitical pragmatism, they could turn out to be the salvation of the ruling Communist Party — so long as it keeps delivering the economic goods. But for the student from a poor, farming family, life is simply about survival and her future is more tied to local economic and political solutions.


Production Details
Locations: China,
Role: Writer, Series Producer
TX: 1 X 11minutes: Al Jazeera English, People & Power May 2008
Distribution: Contact Oliver Steeds