2010: The Power of Football

The World Cup is coming to South Africa but the rainbow nation is divided – the World Cup could become a vehicle for much needed development, but critics argue priorities should be investment in health care, education and curbing crime. Soccer City, on the outskirts of Soweto will host the final, and it’s a stadium with history – On February 13th 1990, one day after Nelson Mandela was freed from prison, he chose to go to this football stadium in Soweto and in front of 100,000 people speak of a new South Africa. Since that day, South Africa has changed, unemployment is over 30% (50% amongst the black population), it’s now ranked as the 3rd most dangerous country on earth and HIV-AIDS is rife. Against this back-drop South Africa must host one the biggest sporting events in the world. There is hope that perhaps football, the game Mandela played whilst imprisoned on Robben Island, can bring reconciliation, unity and identity to the rainbow nation.

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Locations: South Africa
Role: Correspondent, Producer-Director
TX: 1 X21 mins: Al Jazeera English, People & Power 2007