Historical Investigations (Discovery, US & Worldwide)
An 8part series (‘Solving History/Mystery Investigator with Olly Steeds’) for Discovery Channel in the US and Worldwide, Oliver mixed history, adventure and frontline journalism to investigate the truth behind some of the world’s biggest mysteries – Atlantis, Ark of the Covenant, Nazca Lines, El Dorado, Escape from Devil’s Island, Hitler’s Mummies, Robin Hood, and Nazi Treasure (The Amber Room). More information…
World’s Lost Tribes (aka.. “Living with…”)
Living with different jungle-based tribal groups including the Kombai and the Mek tribes of West Papua and the Matsigenka of the Peruvian Amazon. Presenting 3X8hour series for Discovery Channels & Travel Channel.
marathon des sades Marathon Des Sables
Some say it is the toughest foot-race on earth, 6days, 6+ marathons back-to-back across the Sahara Desert, carrying all your own kit – madness? With confused motivations, Marathon Des Sables became Oliver’s Marathon Des Sades. Read his diaries – the Daily Pain
Royal Geographical Society endorsed historical research expedition to explore, investigate and document the remains of the Grass Silk Road that ran from Genghis Kahn’s capital Karakorum to Kubla’s Yuan Shangdu (aka Xanadu). Expedition included riding across the Mongolian Steppe and then walking 1400km across the Gobi Desert. Rather badly organised, and largely his own fault, lots went wrong. More information…