Oliver Steeds is a founder and Mission Director of Nekton, a new marine institute that explores and protects the deep ocean.

Oliver is also a critically acclaimed international investigative journalist and broadcaster.

He specializes in original investigations and reporting the under-reported often in hostile environments.

Oliver’s investigations have included exposing ongoing chattel slavery in Niger and Mauritania; the theft of malaria treatment drugs in the ‘malarial capital in the world’ in Uganda; grave robbing in Peru; thousands of mentally impaired people being abducted into slavery in China; antiquity smuggling in Israel; hidden ethnic wars in Burma; tens of thousands of people dying in China’s coal mines; the lives of 9-11 hijackers in Saudi Arabia, and al Qaeda gun markets in Yemen; and thousands of North Korean women being forced into prostitution or sold as brides in China.

Other investigations have revealed the Burmese Junta’s illegal hardwood and gem trade, greenwashing, human rights violations and questionable priorities driving the conservation movement; how marine reserves can replenish collapsed fishing stocks and untapped energy possibilities from tidal power to creating synthetic fuel from plastics.

Oliver has worked with dozens of tribal groups around the world from West Papua to the Sahara, from the DRC to Saudi’s Aseer, including investigating and exposing major land rights violations against the Saami Reindeer herders in Sweden, the San Bushmen in Botswana, the Samburu in Kenya and the impact of the Australian Government’s controversial emergency legislation (aka ‘the Intervention’) on the lives of Aboriginal people.

His investigations have appeared on Channel 4’s Dispatches and Unreported World, Channel 4 News, ABC Nightline, NBC Today, Al Jazeera’s People & Power, Witness and Earthrise. He has been nominated for the Rory Peck Impact Award, Best Current Affairs Programme, Livingstone Award for Young Journalists and Overseas Press Awards. [See INVESTIGATIONS for film links)


Oliver is regarded as one of the leading explorers of his generation and the youngest featured in ‘Faces of Exploration: Encounters with 50 Extraordinary Pioneers’ alongside Buz Aldrin, Sylvia Earle and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Oliver’s expeditions and adventures have seen him living for extended periods in the jungle with different tribal groups, walking across the Gobi desert searching for the remains of the Grass Silk Road, completing the Marathon Des Sables (6 marathons in 6 days – aka The Marathon Des Sades), and investigating historical subjects including Atlantis, The Ark of the Covenant, Nazca Lines, El Dorado, the brutal French colonial penitentiary system at Devil’s Island, Himmler’s ‘Cultural Heritage Unit’ (Das Ahnenerbe) and the missing Amber Room. Oliver’s Explorations have featured on the Travel Channels and Discovery Channels (World’s Lost Tribes; Solving History/Mystery Investigator with Olly Steeds.) See EXPLORATIONS for film links.

Oliver is a director of the educational non-profit Digital Explorer. Oliver speaks Mandarin.



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