WELCOME! Bonjour, Nin Hao, Hola, Es salaam aleikom, Zdravstvuj, Olá, Buro-rambo! 21Nov10

Welcome to my new online home – it’s been given a slight makeover, a proverbial haircut, and some minor corrective surgery by some kind pros who refused my suggestion of a web-equivalent of a moustache. Shame. So with less facial furniture than planned, a warm welcome to a reversioned portal in my little professional world – including such snazzy additions as a video section, more photos in the gallery, press links, talks (if anyone ever wants to listen) and general information etc! Promise to do a better job updating it in the future – with videos from new films, photos from shoots, blogs from the road etc – and quick bite size morsels on FB and Twitter. Well we’ll see how we get on… and if anyone’s interested! Happy travels, Olx

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  1. Heloísa Pedroso de Moraes Feltes Says:

    Mr. Oliver:
    Your “online home” has a wonderful design. You are providing a warm and creative scenario here. After some time just watching/following your work on TV, I have to say: although the great editing process (transitions, landscapes, angles, and so on) we suffer a little bit because we always want to see/hear more (BTW, you should hear you speaking in Portuguese on Discovery-Brazil!). Thanks for this website and for you amazing job!

  2. Dan Day Says:

    Great website, Ol. Easy to navigate, informative and most importantly very interesting!

    Good to see you in the pub a while back.

    Dan Day.

  3. cammy Says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to.

  4. Roberta Kafrouni Says:

    Olá Olly! We are instereste for sure! You are really good in making us curious about things! I allways want to know something more after seeing or reading something you`ve made! Thanks and greetings from Brazil!

  5. Ashley Knibb Says:


    Nice looking new site and love your work ! I will have to take a better look in the laptop but still good to stumble upon an fab update !

    So what’s up next for you ?

    And if you ever need some researchers or help on your travels give me a shout lol


  6. Amanda Says:

    Hey Olly,

    The website looks amazing, it makes me want to watch CNN. I’m excited to see what you’ve been up to so my life can seem a bit more exciting!


  7. Tracy Says:

    Ah yes, the site is lovely. Good on your people, they’ve done well. I look forward to reading more about your travels and whatever else it is you do…..

  8. Glenda Says:

    Buro-rambo olly I like the new update to the site :) Do you have your own production company? If your looking for someone to help on your documenty flims I would love to have a opportunity to. For the last four year I wrork at a grocery store as a checker steal do I went to a broadcast shcool It was only two month I that it was not the right school for me turn out they Just care about the money and not about the sudent I learn from that mistake and I will keep moveing forward Sorry Olly to write your ear off :) Anyway thank you for listing to me And I hope you and your famliy have great holidays.

  9. Amanda Says:

    hey Olly,
    just curious, did you know Mark did a show called “secrets of the tribe”? If im not mistaken i think it was for the Travel Channel. It’s excellent, but it isnt the same without you! I recommend you do another tribe show, it’ll be much better than the trash you see on TV these days: Fashion competitions or an awful show about New Jersey. Just thought i’d throw that out there. Also, before i sign off, what did you do for you 18th birthday, i havent been able to decide on an idea. Ive asked everybody and now that im on here I might as well ask you. My uncle told me to camp-out on the Great wall of China but I think that’s a little farfetched, he did that in 1977, I wonder if you can do that now? Thank you.

  10. Samantha Says:

    I love the new look of your website. I got my computer fixed, so maybe I can keep up with your work now. Just watched the introductory video and it was awesome. I can’t wait to see more. Thanks for all the work you do to let us know what’s going on in the world.


  11. Barbara Says:

    Your new site looks great, Olly! Hope we can see you on the telly again soon here in the US!


  12. Reena Says:

    Mr. Steeds,

    I wanted to wish you and yours the best Holiday ever. May next year bring you all of your hearts desires.
    I do not know how London is during the holidays but New York is even more electric during this time of year, come on down we would love to have you. You got to let us know if you have a new show coming to the states.
    The web site looks pretty good.

    Wishing all health, happiness, love and wealth.

  13. Bits Says:

    Nice work on the website. I feel like I am writing on a blackboard.
    The only thing that is missing is your recent work from channel 4 and one more thing Namaste is missing in the greeting.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Funny stuff on facebook.
    Can you let us know when we will see you on TV again.

    The best to you and your family.

  14. Lissa Says:

    Happy Holidays Olly!
    I also saw a bit of Mark’s “Secrets of the Tribe”. I’ve seen tribal shows before and after “Living with the Tribes” aired, but nothing beats the dynamic jungle duo of Mark and Olly. It’s obvious many are hoping for more…so I say strike while the iron is hot! Hope you get your wish of revisiting the Kombai and Meks someday soon.
    Thumbs up to your updated website and opening video montage…glad the “machete stuck in the bamboo and saying goodbye to the Meks” clips made the cut. Looking forward to seeing your projects – including the still geoblocked “Malaria Town”.
    Wishing you continued success,

  15. T Says:

    Looks good – your link to your journals (marathon run) doesn’t work, which was a shame as I’m contemplating it myself (early MLC) and wanted to see if I should just take up drinking more instead.

  16. Gina Says:

    Hello olly
    I’ve just discovered you! An amazing show on the Lost City of Gold,throughly enjoyed it and after reading comments on here i guess i’m not the only one left with a feeling of ‘please just walk around that corner’ or ‘please just check over that ridge’ ;) But you gotta stop somewhere right?

    But in all honesty i really don’t want you to discover anything sorry :) just little glimpses of what could be there makes life much more interesting…

  17. Carmen Says:

    Hi Olly,

    Not sure how often you check the website, but wanted to wish you Happy Year of the Rabbit! Xin nian kuai le Have a fabulous year!

    Carmen xo :)

  18. Lissa Says:

    Hi Olly,
    Great that C4 finally ungeoblocked “Malaria Town”. Though heart-wrenching to watch, hope the doco is going to be seen by many as possible. It may have taken a while but it’s worth the wait. As always you did a great job. Any updates on Harriet’s condition? Hope she recovered fully.

    You blogged before that “Gates…hopes a partially successful vaccine will be available in 3 years.” In “Malaria Town”, you shared with us a story of a malaria-stricken Uganda. Hope in the near future you’ll be able to share with us a story of malaria-free world.
    Take care,

  19. Anna Manayan Says:

    Olly, love your new site especially being able to see glimpses of what you are reporting. I travel so much i miss your shows on TV and they are truly one of the best. At least this way from my hotel room I have some excellent quality viewing while awaiting the Edinburgh rain to pass ugh! Thank you! Anna :)

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