Malaria Town: So what? GET INVOLVED! 1Oct10

We’ve made a film about malaria in Uganda but so what? Will it change anything? Hopefully awareness of the disease is increased a little bit, perhaps even more attention and resources focussed on the theft of government drugs. But then what? Can we make a difference? And should we? I hope we can. I’ve teamed up Malaria Consortium to establish a project in Apac to provide support for the embattled local hospital. For more info, get involved or donate and help save lives- please click here

7 Responses to “Malaria Town: So what? GET INVOLVED!”

  1. peter bernard Says:

    DDT is now proven to be harmlerss to people nor crops
    it is the only effective remedy combating the disease
    it is cheap to produce
    a big mistake was made in its banning

  2. Kristina Says:

    Thanks for doing the work that you do, and thank you for trying to inform and motivate folks to action.

    Keep it up, and be safe, please :)

  3. Reena Says:

    Hi Olly,

    I went to the web site you put up to donate, and the money is in pounds, can people in other countries donate to this web site? I know we were not privileged to watch the doc but some of
    us would like to donate (I can’t give much).
    I will not ask again because I know you tried your best to have your doc. shown to others who are not lucky enough to live in a area where the doc. is not Geo blocked.
    I guess the reason why Solving history was not picked up is because you had to save some lives in Uganda and now that you have done that, soon you will get a new show we can see
    in the states.
    I do not know if you believe in Karma but if you do you just ask the universe for what you want and you will get it. Take care of yourself, the world needs good people.
    When I took Malaria pills I thought they prevented it, guess I was wrong. Can Malaria stay in your body for a certain time?

    Wishing you health, happiness love and wealth.

  4. Kristina Says:

    Reena – Yep, we dirty American’s can donate :) I did, very easy. I am not all that up on the conversion rate, but I think its a little less than 2:1.

  5. Tan Says:

    Hi, Olly
    Sorry, I haven’t been checking in, school started and it been a very busy time. I just check out the web site + do a little of donated. I don’t know how much the exchange’s rate are now for the U.S dollar, since is so low lately. I just hope is 2:1 just as Kristina says, but I will keep in mind that the exchange rate do change day to day basis. Maybe, I will go on an check the exchange rate after this, just to be sure. I like the comments that Reena said about Karma, I think your destiny is to help people in needed from all walk of life. I would like to be a ble to do what you do. (I mean, helping people, not walking across the Gobi desert part, nor being left floating at sea while everybody eat lunch) Because, when I able to help someone that I know they cannot return the favor to me, I know I did the right thing. It is the differences kinds of peace, and happiness, that I cannot explain. I guess you would know all about that feeling that is why you always find ways to help those in needs. I just hope someday (after school is over) I can do those things that I want to do( if God willing) and my friend would think I’m nut. Anyways, Olly, keep doing what you’re doing best, helping people who have no voice in the society by letting the world know about they struggle for survivor. Your work is an admiration for me and probably many more people who really do admire you. (Indiana Jone, remember!) Best wish and stay safe, Tan :)

  6. Reena Says:


    I should have explained myself better when asking about donating.
    When I used my credit card in another country the charge was denied, there are new banking rules. It seems as if I had to call them and let them know I was donating funds.
    Kristina, thanks for the info, I still called my credit card to let them know I was donating funds outside the US.
    Olly, I hope that you are working on something amazing for us to watch and I mean all of us.
    I am going to Spain next month and hoping the doc. is not geo blocked, if I get a chance will watch it there.

    Wishing all love, happiness, love & wealth.

  7. mad max Says:

    Its surely also a job for Bono and Geldof to start singing about ? Do the Chinese do much aid or are they just ripping the mineral wealth out ? anyone know ?

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