Hitler’s Mummies: Discovery UK – this week! 30Jun10

A dark investigation into the nightmare of Hitler’s Aryan worldview, Nazi racial policies, how ‘bog-bodies’ were used by Himmler as justification for murder, SS expeditions to Tibet, (Hitler thought Buddha was the last great Aryan leader), gun-wielding modern-day neo-Nazis, the complicity of the scientific community to provide the SS with the pseudo-legitimacy to justify industrial mass-murder. Horrific.

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If possible I would advise reading my Dispatch before hand as I hope it helps provide important context for the investigation… Read it here….

Having watched and studied the Indiana Jones films in some depth, I never thought the Nazi connection to the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail or even secret SS expeditions to the Himalayas was even remotely plausible or what they actually represented. Like many times before, I was of course wrong. And alarmingly so. I have not felt so shocked and embarrassed about how little I knew about a period of history of such unspeakable horror.

It’s no secret that Hitler and Himmler had a twisted historical worldview where three groups existed: Founders of Culture (Aryans), Bearers of culture and Destroyers of culture (vermin). They believed there was once a mighty tribe of original Atlanteans, a master race of Aryans that once ruled the world. Often they had Nordic traits including a long head, narrow face, flat forehead, narrow nose, angular chin, thin lips, tall slender body, blue eyes and blond hair. Probably at their great embarrassment, neither Hitler nor Himmler fitted this prescription. Himmler was once appropriately described as looking like a half-starved shrew and when challenged on this point his defence was pathetic at best: “I may not look Nordic, but I possess a Nordic brain” and in defence, Hitler was known to quote scientist Herman Gauch who in 1933 cleared up any confusion with the cryptic but immortal lines: “The reason why birds can be taught better than other animals is explained by the fact that their mouths are Nordic in structure”.

In the minds of Hitler and Himmler this was just the beginning of their insanity and the destruction they would wreak in their evil, twisted perspective. Hitler believed his nation and race had become weak, corrupted by an infusion of degenerate elements into the bloodstream. In his mind, society had to be cleansed, to be built on strong, racially pure blood-stock – an idea he made repeatedly clear, not least in 1942: “I shall have no peace of mind until I have planted a seed of Nordic blood wherever the population stand in need of regeneration”. But to enact his horrific vision upon his world, first he and Himmler needed to prove the existence of an Aryan race, and provide racial profiling of Aryans to support their racial policies.

Himmler took the lead and set up the official, scholarly sounding Das Ahnenerbe, the Ancestral Heritage Society. Their formal role was to promote ‘the science of ancient intellectual history… unearth new accomplishments and deeds of Germany’s ancestors… and communicate the findings to the public”. They possessed a public veneer of being an elite think tank of 137 German scholars, brilliant thinkers, representing all academia including history, biology, linguistics, geology, geneticists, archaeology, anthropology etc etc. They cultivated an air of solid professional integrity, disguising all their ideas as science and fact when in reality they were devoted to myth-making, distorting the truth and churning out tailored evidence to support Hitler and Himmler’s insane historical, and completely unsubstantiated, world view.

Das Ahnenerbe was run under the banner of the Himmler’s SS, academics became senior officers, and the SS provided logistical and military support for some of their expeditions. In order to provide pseudo-legitimacy to their ideas of Aryan supremacy or appear to retrieve some sort of ancient Aryan knowledge, expeditions were sent out to the four corners of the world: to Iceland to search for the Holy Grail (I kid you not you!), to Iran searching for evidence of ancient kings of pure Aryan blood, to Finland to record and film ancient magical rites (sounds recorded by a man called BOSE – any connection?), to Croatia, Serbia and Iraq to study the role of the Aryans in the Roman Empire and even to Tibet to measure the skulls of the Tibetans who they believed were the ancient immigrants and survivors from Atlantis. Wurst, the unfortunately named expedition leader, wrote in his report that “there is great similarity between the words of the Fuhrer and those of that other great Aryan personality, Buddha”. There you have it! That’s what we’re dealing with here – people who believed Buddha was an Aryan.

As we explore in this film, there was far greater depth to their delusion and I wish I could laugh at just how insane they were, but of course there is nothing remotely funny about the impact of their delusion and their subsequent industrialised mass murder. With the fabricated legitimacy constructed by the academic community, the Nazis established racial policies long before World War Two even started that included:
• July 1933: The Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseased Offspring – led to Compulsory sterilization of 400,000 people including those suffering from schizophrenia, deafness, hereditary blindness, epilepsy and severe alcoholism (this was the precursor to Action T4)
• 1935: Nuremberg Laws – pseudo-scientific basis presented for racial discrimination of Jews
• 1935: The laws of the Protection of German Blood and German Honour
• Lebensraum: As detailed in Hitler’s Mein Kampf – the German people needed increased “living space” (land and raw materials) for the expansion of the Aryan race – mixed Lebensraum with racism to provide the blueprint for aggression and invasion, occupation of Poland, Operation Barbarossa etc.
• Action T4: During the Nuremberg trials, it was estimated that 275,000 people had been killed under Hitler’s Secret memo of September 1st 1939 to kill those ‘unworthy of life’ to ‘improve racial hygiene’
• ‘Final Solution’: the industrialised mass murder of millions classified under Nazi racial policies of being ‘unworthy of life’: including Jews and Untermenschen (“under-human”) – gypsies, homosexuals, disabled, Slavic and non-Slavic Russians.

The Ahnenerbe were more than just a cult of crazy scientists – they provided the scientific justification for racial policies to promote racial purity that the Nazis presented as legitimacy for their aggression and the slaughter of millions. Some of the files of the Ahnenerbe were presented during the Nuremberg trials and a few were charged with war crimes varying from the plundering of museums and private art collections, to the cold brutality of human experimentation including exploring new ways to freeze, poison, and sterilize people and even creating a human skeleton collection.

Here we have a precedent of unspeakable horror, but this type of inhumanity, could and has happened again – in East Timor, Kosovo, Iraq, West Papua, Rwanda, Darfur to name but a few. In ‘Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity’ Goldhagen examine why people commit acts of mass murder and whether they were coerced into it. His research reveals that during the Holocaust, “no German perpetrator was ever killed, sent to a concentration camp, imprisoned, or punished in any serious way for refusing to kill Jews”. They, like others who carry out such atrocities, are motivated by politics and their ideology, believing what they are doing is right and necessary and there is little, sometimes, no coercion involved. “Mass elimination”, Goldhagen explains, “is always preventable and always results from conscious political choice…mass murder is a political act… it is not an expression of human nature and it’s not inevitable.”

I cant phantom how these lessons could ever be forgotten, and how this horror and cruelty has ever been allowed to happen again. But as history repeats itself, this will probably happen again. What can we do? I do not know. But we can start with burdening our consciences, take responsibility, look hard and not look away, speak up, question, and don’t claim we know nothing, or we too become complicity in these tragedies.

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  1. Barbara Says:

    Hey Olly,

    Hitler/Budda, Hitler/Buddha….. No, I don’t think so, lol. This was one of my favorite episodes, because it was jam-packed with so much info. Excellent! Hope the DVD set is out soon. Any word on that?

    I read an interview the other day, where you were asked what time period you would like to travel back to. You said that you’d like to go back to the time of Jesus Christ, because you have a few questions for him. As a lover of all things spiritual, I was wondering if you’d be willing to share what your questions are? I think a lot of us are in that boat. =)

    Safe and happy travels!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Hey Olly,
    i just got back from Europe and now i have to say I am very jealous of you. when i was at the airport leaving Lisbon, Portugal on monday, I felt a little tear slide down my cheek because i didnt want to leave. Travel is a wonderful thing, the anticipation and the wonder of being so far away from home makes you wonder why we dont just live our lives like Jack Karowack, but of course no good would come out of that. But i do know you are very lucky to have the chance to travel all over to good places and bad places.
    When i went to London i was even more jealous, London is such an amazing city, the people are hesterical; the fact that you have yet to die of laughter is beyond me!!?? We spent two days in the lake distirct kayaking and fishing, roasting marshmellows, its a magical place.
    So im going to ask you a question im sure many people have asked you, but im going to twist it a bit. Can you tell me that one place you felt complete, a place that you got a feeling of wonder and amazement? I got that feeling in the Lake District. So.. Im going to thank you for the hundredth time for making me appreciate this big, bad world we live in.
    Stay healthy and safe!!

  3. Phill Cowell Says:

    Olly-”Be gentle with me”-was that what you said to the Fijian rugby players?

    I thought it had something to do with that English lass at the touch finals party.

    Great to see you’ve done so well-Enjoying the series-though must say I’m not quite sure why you had to disassemble the Ark to see if it could fit through-seemed bloody obvious it would from where I was sitting:-)

    Looking forward to the rest of the series-look me up if you’re ever back in the ‘Jing

  4. Bristarman Says:

    Really fascinating episode last night. I’m greatly enjoying this series and hope there will be more to come but this one covered some ground I’m really interested in – the coercion and complicity of scientists to give weight to Nazi myths and mysticism. I just wanted to recommend two books concerning the Nazi relationship with the Occult and the use of pseudo-science to try to justify an insane world-view – Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult by Peter Levender and The Occult Roots of Nazism: Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke.

  5. Sean Says:

    Olly the Aryan mummies have been found in South America and China.The Nazis were right about them after all.You must have been in bed or doing your homework in the early nineties when they were shown on TV.Regards,Sean

  6. Martin Says:

    OOOhhhhhhh…Where in the World is Olly Steeds?

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