Hitler’s Mummies: Solving History: 10pm EST, 24th Feb, Discovery 24Feb10

A dark investigation into the nightmare of Hitler’s Aryan worldview, Nazi racial policies, how ‘bog-bodies’ were used by Himmler as justification for murder, SS expeditions to Tibet, (Hitler thought Buddha was the last great Aryan leader), gun-wielding modern-day neo-Nazis, the complicity of the scientific community to provide the SS with the pseudo-legitimacy to justify industrial mass-murder and more – I think it’s one of the strongest films in the series. There are more videos on the Solving History site… If possible I would advise reading my blog before hand as I hope it helps before important context for the investigation… Read it here….

Having watched and studied the Indiana Jones films in some depth, I never thought the Nazi connection to the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail or even secret SS expeditions to the Himalayas was even remotely plausible or what they actually represented. Like many times before, I was of course wrong. And alarmingly so. I have not felt so shocked and embarrassed about how little I knew about a period of history of such unspeakable horror.

It’s no secret that Hitler and Himmler had a twisted historical worldview where three groups existed: Founders of Culture (Aryans), Bearers of culture and Destroyers of culture (vermin). They believed there was once a mighty tribe of original Atlanteans, a master race of Aryans that once ruled the world. Often they had Nordic traits including a long head, narrow face, flat forehead, narrow nose, angular chin, thin lips, tall slender body, blue eyes and blond hair. Probably at their great embarrassment, neither Hitler nor Himmler fitted this prescription. Himmler was once appropriately described as looking like a half-starved shrew and when challenged on this point his defence was pathetic at best: “I may not look Nordic, but I possess a Nordic brain” and in defence, Hitler was known to quote scientist Herman Gauch who in 1933 cleared up any confusion with the cryptic but immortal lines: “The reason why birds can be taught better than other animals is explained by the fact that their mouths are Nordic in structure”.

In the minds of Hitler and Himmler this was just the beginning of their insanity and the destruction they would wreak in their evil, twisted perspective. Hitler believed his nation and race had become weak, corrupted by an infusion of degenerate elements into the bloodstream. In his mind, society had to be cleansed, to be built on strong, racially pure blood-stock – an idea he made repeatedly clear, not least in 1942: “I shall have no peace of mind until I have planted a seed of Nordic blood wherever the population stand in need of regeneration”. But to enact his horrific vision upon his world, first he and Himmler needed to prove the existence of an Aryan race, and provide racial profiling of Aryans to support their racial policies.

Himmler took the lead and set up the official, scholarly sounding Das Ahnenerbe, the Ancestral Heritage Society. Their formal role was to promote ‘the science of ancient intellectual history… unearth new accomplishments and deeds of Germany’s ancestors… and communicate the findings to the public”. They possessed a public veneer of being an elite think tank of 137 German scholars, brilliant thinkers, representing all academia including history, biology, linguistics, geology, geneticists, archaeology, anthropology etc etc. They cultivated an air of solid professional integrity, disguising all their ideas as science and fact when in reality they were devoted to myth-making, distorting the truth and churning out tailored evidence to support Hitler and Himmler’s insane historical, and completely unsubstantiated, world view.

Das Ahnenerbe was run under the banner of the Himmler’s SS, academics became senior officers, and the SS provided logistical and military support for some of their expeditions. In order to provide pseudo-legitimacy to their ideas of Aryan supremacy or appear to retrieve some sort of ancient Aryan knowledge, expeditions were sent out to the four corners of the world: to Iceland to search for the Holy Grail (I kid you not you!), to Iran searching for evidence of ancient kings of pure Aryan blood, to Finland to record and film ancient magical rites (sounds recorded by a man called BOSE – any connection?), to Croatia, Serbia and Iraq to study the role of the Aryans in the Roman Empire and even to Tibet to measure the skulls of the Tibetans who they believed were the ancient immigrants and survivors from Atlantis. Wurst, the unfortunately named expedition leader, wrote in his report that “there is great similarity between the words of the Fuhrer and those of that other great Aryan personality, Buddha”. There you have it! That’s what we’re dealing with here – people who believed Buddha was an Aryan.

As we explore in this film, there was far greater depth to their delusion and I wish I could laugh at just how insane they were, but of course there is nothing remotely funny about the impact of their delusion and their subsequent industrialised mass murder. With the fabricated legitimacy constructed by the academic community, the Nazis established racial policies long before World War Two even started that included:
• July 1933: The Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseased Offspring – led to Compulsory sterilization of 400,000 people including those suffering from schizophrenia, deafness, hereditary blindness, epilepsy and severe alcoholism (this was the precursor to Action T4)
• 1935: Nuremberg Laws – pseudo-scientific basis presented for racial discrimination of Jews
• 1935: The laws of the Protection of German Blood and German Honour
• Lebensraum: As detailed in Hitler’s Mein Kampf – the German people needed increased “living space” (land and raw materials) for the expansion of the Aryan race – mixed Lebensraum with racism to provide the blueprint for aggression and invasion, occupation of Poland, Operation Barbarossa etc.
• Action T4: During the Nuremberg trials, it was estimated that 275,000 people had been killed under Hitler’s Secret memo of September 1st 1939 to kill those ‘unworthy of life’ to ‘improve racial hygiene’
• ‘Final Solution’: the industrialised mass murder of millions classified under Nazi racial policies of being ‘unworthy of life’: including Jews and Untermenschen (“under-human”) – gypsies, homosexuals, disabled, Slavic and non-Slavic Russians.

The Ahnenerbe were more than just a cult of crazy scientists – they provided the scientific justification for racial policies to promote racial purity that the Nazis presented as legitimacy for their aggression and the slaughter of millions. Some of the files of the Ahnenerbe were presented during the Nuremberg trials and a few were charged with war crimes varying from the plundering of museums and private art collections, to the cold brutality of human experimentation including exploring new ways to freeze, poison, and sterilize people and even creating a human skeleton collection.

Here we have a precedent of unspeakable horror, but this type of inhumanity, could and has happened again – in East Timor, Kosovo, Iraq, West Papua, Rwanda, Darfur to name but a few. In ‘Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity’ Goldhagen examine why people commit acts of mass murder and whether they were coerced into it. His research reveals that during the Holocaust, “no German perpetrator was ever killed, sent to a concentration camp, imprisoned, or punished in any serious way for refusing to kill Jews”. They, like others who carry out such atrocities, are motivated by politics and their ideology, believing what they are doing is right and necessary and there is little, sometimes, no coercion involved. “Mass elimination”, Goldhagen explains, “is always preventable and always results from conscious political choice…mass murder is a political act… it is not an expression of human nature and it’s not inevitable.”

I cant phantom how these lessons could ever be forgotten, and how this horror and cruelty has ever been allowed to happen again. But as history repeats itself, this will probably happen again. What can we do? I do not know. But we can start with burdening our consciences, take responsibility, look hard and not look away, speak up, question, and don’t claim we know nothing, or we too become complicity in these tragedies.

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  1. Jessie Dussart Says:

    My jaw literally dropped when I read the paragraph where Wurst compared Hitler to Buddha! I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around that! I became even more…. and I can’t even find a word to properly describe the disgust I felt…when I read about the research detailing people’s un-coerced involvement in the murder of other human beings. Having just wrote my first letters on behalf of both the Jarawa and Dongria Kondh tribes through Survival International there are so many frightening similarities in the logic of the governments involved and those implemented in WWII that it saddens me to no end that I am unable to do more…

  2. Tanya Says:

    Really looking forward to this one. The lesson is that history will always repeat itself unless we are vigilant – just as you said. Is there another series in the work after these last 2 episodes? Great work btw ;-)

  3. Kristina Says:

    About the last paragraph – Brilliant! Thank you for making the connection between the history and our current events. On that note, and per a comment made by someone else on a different blog post, let me recommend Amnesty International’s coverage of the Ciudad Juarez situation:


    Maybe the horrified investigative journalist in you will be inspired by it. Not sure what is next for you after ‘Solving History’ wraps, but maybe quick trip through Northern Mexico is warranted?

    Take care!


  4. Geoff Says:

    The Nazi party was flawed in its thoughts that the Aryans were a race, when in fact they are classified as a language group. By utilizing this “mistake” to persecute and destroy groups of people is horrific. The fact that ordinary people carried out this final solution from the EINSATZGRUPPEN (look at Police Battalion 101 out of Hamburg for ordinary men), which followed the Nazis through Europe, to the soldiers carrying out the atrocities unfathomable. Himmler and the Nazis did their best to skew scientific research in attempts to change the course of history, and there were archaeologists who were hired and willing to report their findings in an effort to corroborate the beliefs of this master race. All of this was carried out by ordinary men to convince each other that their actions were just. This part of history is well documented, but seems lost as we see similar atrocities carried out today. I know many write in this blog with questions, but I am writing to commend the work of this show and look forward to viewing it this evening.

  5. Sara M Says:


    It sounds like tonight’s show won’t be pleasant to watch, but certainly worthwhile. It saddens me to think of all of the human potential that is wiped out by mass elimination. And it saddens me more to think how easily the world still looks the other way.

    After my parents passed away, my daughter (she was 6 years old) and I went to a special Hospice sponsored camping weekend for grieving families. There was a 10 year old boy, with very dark skin and a very large, pink scar across his throat. At the end of the weekend, people were encouraged to set up a momento (a photo or an object) of their loved one on a table. The individual could then come up, show the memento, speak about their loved one, write their name on a ribbon then tie the ribbon to a balloon that was going to be released with all of the lost loved ones listed.

    Children and adults all came forward showing a picture, a fishing pole, a hat, etc and telling stories saying “This is for my grandfather” or “This is for my aunt”. Finally, this young boy stood up and went the table. He turned to the crowd, holding the ribbon he addressed us all in a hoarse whisper. I will never forget this. He said, “This is for my mother” then said her name. “This is for my father” then said his name. “This is for my grandmother” then said her name. “This is for my baby sister” and then said her name. He looked at us all and then said, “All I have left of them are their names”. This child had been the only member of his family to survive a machete attack on his village in Rwanda. This moment happened 10 years ago, but it still chills me when I think of it. I just don’t understand how the world lets this continue to happen.

  6. Steph & Craig Says:

    Thanks for the background info. As much as we have been enjoying the episodes, an hour seems too short and the editing seems to gloss over a lot of the extensive research that you have obviously conducted up front. This seemed especially true for the El Dorado episode. But your blog entries and journals are wonderful supplementary material – thanks for sharing them. The Atlantis episode seemed to stand out as particularly well-edited in terms of presenting your “case”. Keep up the good work!

  7. Reena Says:

    Hi Olly,

    I was hoping you would ask the Aryan guy to take a DNA test, hoping of course that it would turn out really bad for him.
    The only part that made me laugh was thinking that you were probably walking on land that your ancestors walked on centuries ago on the Nile.
    Maybe that is why you love to travel and I think I remembered that you said your father was in the Navy.
    I guess your DNA also helped with your love of travel.
    One thing is for sure we should never forget what happened back then and what is happening now with genocide. Shows like this hopefully will have people helping in any which way they can.
    Mother Theresa once said “I would not go to an anti war demonstration but invite me to a pro peace demonstration, I will come” I hope I am quoting her correctly.
    Anger just fuels the fire.
    Ok, so my question if it is not diving too much into your private life what was your father’s reaction when you told him about your DNA?

    Wishing you health, happiness, love & wealth.

  8. Amanda Says:

    Hi Olly,

    I found this last episode quite interesting considering it was my homework assigned in my history class. You can imagine my suprise and excitment when I found out I had to watch your show for a grade, but that’s school these days! Anyway, I have to say I thought this episode was a bit disturbing, my grandmother was in Germany in November and learned a lot of the original and misunderstood history of the Nazi party. that is when she started to tell me these outrageous stories that probably shoud not be mentioned because it would send chills down your back .However, what I still can’t rap my head around is why these people, like Hitler and Himmler, were so cruel. Is there any evidence that states that they were Insane, or is thy just implied. On the other hand why weren’t put on trial for this mass murder that they claimed was just for the better of humanity?

    Thanks again, im sure I will get an A+ on the pop quiz my teacher is ute to assign tomorrow!


  9. admin Says:

    Jessie: thank you for your thoughts and for your work supporting Survival – I’m a huge fan and have worked with them and continue to work with them. For others who are interested… Survival International (http://www.survivalinternational.org/) helps tribal peoples defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.

    Kristina: Ciudad Juarez: many thanks for highlighting this awful situation – the more people that know about it the better – my friends and colleagues at Unreported World, Channel 4 made a documentary about a couple of years ago (http://www.sidereel.com/Unreported_World/season-6/episode-1 ) and Channel 4 News covered it a few weeks ago again – but more international awareness the better and hope it might stimulate the local police to take it more seriously.

    Reena: DNA: my father’s reaction was surprise obviously – although his immediate response – well you should ask your mother! Fortunately I look similar to my father so there’s no doubts there! Now just got to persuade him to visit Egypt and meet our ancestors! On Wednesday England are playing Egypt in a football match so… so I now have split loyalties! Although England better win!

    Amanda: History assignment! Wow – I like your teacher – wish I had a history teacher like yours who suggest watching TV for work! Was Hitler insane? I’m not really qualified to be able to make a judgement like that – but there’s a good article here (http://tinyurl.com/yl5r2ps) printed in the NY Times where a psychiatrist asks that question – it’s a compelling read if you have time…

  10. Mike Says:

    Hey Olly, I watched the show last night, but had my 7 month old grandson and missed the question that you asked which caused you to get kicked out of the museum and also what where the DNA test results?

  11. admin Says:

    Hi Mike: I asked him if there was any link between the Mummies and the Nazis… which I thought was a fair question as the Mummies went ‘missing’ during the war and with the Ahnenerbe were actively involved in misrepresenting history especially physical anthropology…but he reacted rather badly and the rest, as they say, is History!

  12. Kristina Says:

    Kudos on not slapping Mr. Aryan Nation in the mouth! Though I am sure the two loaded guns were a good deterent, still…impressive restraint on your part ;)

    It was fun to realize the myth you were debunking was actually that of Nazism in general…great argument. Definitely my favorite episode of the season. As my friend said while watching with me – ‘Wow. He fixed the whole Nazi thing and it only took an hour.’


  13. Mike Says:

    I know that I really don’t have the time, but if you insist I will travel with you to your next far away destination. Traveling the world and investigating these topics are on my bucket list. I think the wife can hold down the fort.

  14. Caitlin Says:

    Most of my family’s from Germany, and I always feel simply gutted when I see the results of Hitler’s evil madness. I’d love to see that Aryan bigot’s face if he was given HIS DNA results… though he’d probably deny it and claim he was “pure” as the “wind-driven snow”. Vile.
    It brings to mind several of the theories that are thrown about now, claiming “Atlanteans” were responsible for Egypt and Mexico’s amazing cultures and structures. At the heart of many of these ‘theories’ you’ll find White Supremacy. It’s worth reading into.
    What a powerful programme! I’d love to know where my ancestors really came from.

  15. Kyle Says:

    What wonderful timing, Im writing a research paper on Nazi ideology. I missed the name of the of the “Ayran Kerux”, any help would be greatly appreciated. Very informative and very entertaining show!

  16. Carmen Says:

    I would have loved to see the aryan man take a DNA test, but my guess is that he would be too cowardly to take one. What would he do if he found out that he was, in fact, some looked down upon ethnic group, claim that at least he had a Nordic brain, too? In the States many people have “black” blood in them because of slavery and people trying to pass as white. If someone thinks they really know their heritage, they could be in for quite the surprise if they have DNA testing done. I was listening to an NPR program on this very topic a few weeks ago and it said that something like 25% of all American “whites” have black blood in them, many from people passing as white long ago. Of course, since they were trying to “pass”, this fact was revealed to absolutely no one for fear of harsh retribution, and so, down the line it goes and no one ever knew! Who would have ever thought then, that there would be such a thing as DNA testing? If I can possibly find a link to that radio program in the next few days I will post it under this blog. It was really very interesting and it was concerning all ethnic groups, not just African and European decent.

    On a different note, talking about being Egyptian… My mother’s father is 100% Italian(American) and so, has an Italian last name. My aunt (Mom’s brother’s wife) then shares the same last name. She teaches seminars that take her all over the world. On one occasion, after the seminar, an Egyptian man approached her with THE most quizzical look on his face, just checking her up and down. She could tell he was completely perplexed, but couldn’t possibly fathom why. When they finally met, after the intros, he disbelievingly said, “You’re Egyptian??” She just laughed and asked what ever gave him that idea? It turns out our Italian last name literally means “I am Egyptian” in Egyptian! What a shocker! Of course, it could just be a coincidence that our name sounds like “I am Egypian”, but it’s also certainly possible that at some point in the distant past an Egyptian person made his way across the Mediterranean Sea and that was how he came to be identified. I like to think so, anyway. ;o) I’d love to get DNA testing done. Hey, Olly, maybe we’re cousins! lol!


  17. Amanda Says:

    Hi olly,

    I read the article you recomanded
    And it does not shock me that hitler wasn’t completely wacked, but it did some what disappoint me when they said he only had a disorder that caused him to act insane. I don’t think the fact that he was bipolar makes him any less crazy, but that’s just my own opinion. I was also intruiged by the fact that your ancestry came from eygpt, through Palestine, and then to europe. I found very ammusing because on my father’s side I’m cuban and Palestinian (wired mix!) it made me think about how we are all connected in some sort of way. I think that’s what hitler should have been told since he could walk, that no letter where we come from on the earth, we are all the same and should be treated as an equal. Just some thoughts running through my mind!

    Again thank you for you response!
    Oh, and I thought it was funny when you were amazed my history teacher assigned me to watch your show, she’s the kind of teacher who would rather go to St. Helena island where Napoleon was exiled rather then reading it in a textbook!


  18. Angie Says:

    What an amazing show. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall listening to you “6 men” after you left Mr. Wonderful’s house. I can’t possibly write here the names I called him. I can imagine you all did the same. Even with the disturbing subject matter, you (or the editors) did a wonderful job of interjecting a bit of humor at just the right time, (Jocularity! Jocularity!) to bring our rage back down to a slow boil. I can’t believe the way some people think. I read once that prejudice is not something we are born with, it is learned…it is taught! I absolutely promise that is one thing I will not teach my children, and it is something that will not be tolerated in my home. Maybe we can’t change the world, but we can certainly try. Regardless of our physical appearance, or ancestry…we are all given a mind to make our own choices…like you wrote ‘look hard and not look away’…speak up if you think what is happening is wrong! (getting off of my soapbox now) What did finally become of Hitler & Himmler? (escape to Argentina via submarine…plastic surgery? Theories abound.) I cannot believe some of them went right back into society without question.

    Looking forward to the next episode. Does the moment when you startled that poor woman make it into the cut? (Sorry, but seeing someone get spooked is funny! No offense) Anything to report on a Season 2? Should we begin an email onslaught to Discovery begging for more? Just say the word. Thank you for what you are doing. And thank you for being interactive, the first time you replied to something I wrote I nearly fell off my chair! (Oh! Perhaps the reason you decided to trek across the desert was because of you ancient relatives! It’s in you blood! Ha) Take care.

  19. Lissa Says:

    “Hitler’s Mummies” is definitely one of my favorite episodes, Olly. Great job of proving that pure Aryan race is a myth. It’s great that your show would be seen worldwide and hopefully many especially those who keep Nazi ideas alive would be enlightened by your findings.

    We are letting those who fell under Nazis’ hands die in vain if we continue not to take to heart lessons they taught us.
    “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.” ~ Aldous Huxley
    What a shame that History has repeated itself, as you mentioned: cruelties in Rwanda, Darfur, etc.
    “Civilizations should be measured by the degree of diversity attained and the degree of unity retained.” ~ W.H. Auden

    You asked, “what could we do?” Haile Selassie once said, “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

    Thus, I ask how could one apply it… “what could I do?” I don’t work for the Media, no means of reaching out to the world… my humble contribution is to carry on treating others as equal and with respect. Is it enough, how else can one take responsibility?


    P.S. I wonder how did the Nazi determine who’s gay? I would assume that gay people would have been very discreet about their lifestyles then. Also, what thoughts came to your mind (other than filming) while you were exploring the Wewelsburg castle?

  20. Martin Says:

    Olly this was a great episode!! if you dont mind my asking – what did your Father say about your lineage? Does he agree with what the DNA results?

    This was my favorite episode! Thanks for the great adventure! – Martin

  21. Ann Says:

    Can you let us know when the last show will be on. It has not been scheduled on D.C.


  22. Paul George Says:

    Olly, Just finished reading “The Imperial Cruise” by James Bradley. In the book he documents a prevailing theory of 18th and 19th century Americans, including President Theodore Roosevelt, that Americans are the latest of the Aryans/Anglo-Saxons who are bringing civilization to the barbarians, moving from east to west. I was shocked and then disgusted at this. And the tragic results for the ‘uncivilized.’ I don’t doubt the presence of this theory even today. But believe it is just a theory, howbeit, a very radical and evil theory.

  23. Lisa Says:

    “Man… is a tame or civilized animal; never the less, he requires proper instruction and a fortunate nature, and then of all animals he becomes the most divine and most civilized; but if he be insufficiently or ill educated he is the most savage of earthly creatures.” “Ignorance the root and stem of every evil”- Plato. I quoted plato because I could have not stated better myself on this one.
    Love the show, In regards to the Nazca lines and the alien reference, carvings have been observed in ancient civilization that may or may not be of UFO’s, not for me to say. Perhaps they are not a make up of modern civilization. Egypt Has the first account of a possible UFO sighting. Honestly, I do not think it is possible for beings from somewhere else to visit Earth, science wise it just seems impossible, but it is interesting none the less.

  24. Anton Says:

    What was the DNA result of the tooth? You showed your result, I was curious of the other result. Did they test it?

  25. Tanya Says:

    Hey – where did you go? I thought there was one more episode on Devil’s Island? When are they showing that one?

  26. Ann Says:

    Hi Olly,

    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    I am hoping the reason we have not heard from you in a while is because you are working on season 2. We know you have a busy life (with all the other stuff you do) but we need your adventures in our lives.
    I was also wondering what happened to the last episode for season 1, your show has not been on for two weeks and I do not see it listed anywhere.
    Let us know if you can.

    Wishing you health, happiness, love & wealth.

  27. Reena Says:

    Hi Olly,

    Just checked your blog and Ann’s name showed up. No big deal just a glitch.

  28. admin Says:

    Sorry for the delay in replying to the messages – I’ve been out and about getting up to some old tricks and off email. I’m not sure what happened to the Devil’s Island episode – I’ll try and find out and let you know when it’s scheduled. I think it’s the best episode of the series so slightly confused why it’s been postponed! There are some clips on the Discovery site: http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/solving-history/

    Also, some messages and comments that have recently been submitted that have been deleted from the site. The deleted messages contain extremely offensive opinion, some slanderous, some that incites racial hatred, others that directly threaten violence.

    I’m all about the freedom of expression but this is simply not the place for such threats and fundamentalism. This is my personal blog where I hope to have open and constructive discussion, challenging debates, questioning of theories and where we can look to a more positive future. If you feel your message has been unduly deleted, please resubmit it bearing the above in mind. With thanks, olly … now in answer to your questions and as ever thank you to all who have shared some fascinating and challenging thoughts….

    Angie: What did finally become of Hitler & Himmler? Lots of theories about that – but the little I know Himmler took his own life by crushing a capsule of cyanide in his mouth and Hitler commited suicide by gunshot and cyanide poisining. Lots of conspiracy theories around them both no doubt, but I haven’t researched this so I cant say much on the subject I’m afraid. Just hope they died in an horrific painful way.

    Angie: Season 2: we’re still assessing this – will let you know as soon as I can report anything!

    Lissa: how did the Nazis determine who was gay? Not sure, but I’ll try and find out. Other thoughts on Wewelsburg? The first was – why is there a youth hostel inside it? Then the convulsive shock of starting to get into the SS mind. They had other rooms inside – one for the Holy Grail and Ark of the Covenant (when they found them) and it seemed to be modeled on King Arthur’s 12 Knights – 12 heads of different parts of the SS, 12 runes coming out of the Dark Sun and even another special King Arthur Room. Truly insane.

    Martin: my father’s response to the DNA? Surprise and joy!

    Anton: DNA results of the tooth? Yup – they tested it – sorry I thought that was included in the film – should have been! The result was that the Guanches were descended from the Berbers of the North Africa.

  29. Lisa Says:

    I must correct myself when I read my comment on it being impossible for science to support UFO’s, mathematically it is certainly possible for their existence. At least I
    did get a laugh out of my own stupidity.
    At least in having to correct myself and after watching your show for the 2nd time, to many distractions the first, do I get to say kudos to you for proving Hitler’s ideology to be rubbish! I have not seen another program about Hitler that actually took that on. Do you have any information on Odessa?

    I certainly hope there is a second season. This is one of my favorite shows. As oppose to other similar shows I am impressed with the exploration and presentation of alternate theories as oppose to just one. Not to mention some of the material has tweaked my interest into areas I don’t have much knowledge on
    and knowledge is my never ending quest, nor do I ever wish it’s end.

  30. Martin Says:

    Down with the Haters Olly!! We support you 100% your a great adventurer and we are your loyal followers – I was afraid people would find this site and do their bashing and foolishness. You’ve inspired me to go beyond my own backyard and reach for the mountains and the lakes around my area, my own little adventure and it was amazing, we went found fossils! we fished, we hiked, thank you for the inspiration!

  31. Reena Says:

    Hi Olly,

    Like Martin I wanted to thank you too. You have touched so many lives that you can’t even imagine.
    I know that you have opened up my mind’s door to a whole new world with the tribe shows you & Mark have done & now with Solving History which I hope goes on for a long time.
    I love the Survival link you put up and I was in awe of how much I did not know.
    When I heard the last of the Bo tribe died out I was in shock. I never knew tribes like this lived in India. I wish I could do more.
    Again, thank you Mr. Steeds & Jessie for showing me a different world.

    Wishing you health, happiness, love & wealth.

  32. Carmen Says:

    I have to echo the sentiments of Martin and Reena. You would never imagine the ways in which you inspire people! One of your fans on FB mentioned the Genographic/Human Migration Project by NatGeo. I have a sister in Saudi Arabia right now, but when she gets back this summer she, I and my other sister have decided to get our DNA tested! We are totally psyched! I cannot wait to see the results-could be very interesting. : ) We had talked about doing this in the past, but that show re-piqued my curiosity.


  33. Tan Says:

    Hello, Olly
    Sorry for the late reply, Spring Break ;) Anyway, I’m back now. What happens to last week and this week episodes? I set my DVR to record it but nothing been recorded at all. Am I missing anything, or the date it change? Is it still Wednesday at 10:00 PM, right? Would you let us know if you found out anything. Thank you and take care. Oh, almost forget, stay safe too. Tan

  34. Lisa Says:

    After just having been able to read your blog, I was always interested if there was any fact involved in Hitler’s interest in the Ark Of the Covenant and the Holy Grail from the
    Indiana Jones films. It has been a curiosity of mine. I could never find any information on that. All I could find is that there was no evidence of Hitler’s interest in them. I could certainly understand why he would be interested in them. Could you share some of your references as to this. As they are my favorite films, I did wonder if there was something deeper to them than just great action. If you wait long enough the answer shall come. May I give you a nickname? Oldy (Ollie/Indy). After being able to view all the Solving History shows now and of course after my admission to my love for the Indiana Jones films, I liked the exploration into the subjects from the films. History, Indy, for me that’s hard to beat, lol.
    I don’t have to much knowledge into the subject of Hitler, and in my quest for more knowledge, I have come across something I am curious about, a possible connection between the Catholic Church and Odessa. The possibility that they had an involvement in the visas for the Nazi’s to flee? Oh I find this troubling, does anyone have any information on this? I lack the understanding of why this could be the case! I guess there is some proof. I would appreciate any feed back.
    Thanks for the show, I can honestly say I have learned some things and for those who have taught me something, I am much grateful to!

  35. Claudia Says:

    Hi Everyone – the Devil’s Island episode will air on March 23rd…enjoy!


  36. Lissa Says:

    Thanks for replying to my questions, Olly. I’m glad that we’re finally going to see “Devil’s Island”. Just curious if you know why Discovery Channel moved your show from its regular schedule of Wednesday at 10 pm to Tuesday (March 23rd) at 7 pm? Hope there’s nothing to be concerned about. I’ve seen a lot of shows on Discovery – “Solving History” is definitely one of the first-rate shows they have and obviously one of my favorites! Thus, like the others, I hope that it gets approved for another series (and for many more after that of course).
    Keep safe,

  37. Tan Says:

    Hi, Olly
    First of all, I got to thanks Claudia for fiind out about the show new schedule, this is the best news for me right now, because I don’t have to record the show if it will be air on Tuesday. I have to recorded it every Wednesday, because I have to be up at 5:00 am on Thursday, so I can be on the road to school by 6:00 am (is a 1 hour and 10 minutes drive to school). I’m extremely happy about this new time especialloy at 7:00 pm. This means that Olly’s show got more famous because Discovery moves the time from 10:00 to 7:00 pm; this is the best news ever. Sometimes I did try to stay up until the show is over, but then I would pay for it the next day in the afternoon class ,and at work later that night. I checked all of the clips at the Discovery web site, which is almost 25 minutes long if you added all the clips together. The training look pretty tough but I know you can do it ;) I think you made good time for finished those track. What is going through your mind when you got lock in for the night in those ceil? Did you hear any strange sound that you cannot explain? What about the time when you used the coconut sag for the floatation device, did you get scare thinking about the sharks? How far are the camera crews from you? How do you call them to come and recues you? So many more questions I guess I will ask you more later after the show is air. For now, I hope you are well, take care and stay safe, Tan

  38. Barbara Says:

    Deleted comments – well said, Olly.

    Looking foward to next week’s episode! =)

  39. CharlieBing Says:

    FYI, this is what I just sent to the main Discovery website (and that says something… they make it a real struggle to send emails)…


    You should be thoroughly ashamed of the “Hitler’s Mummies” edition of this program. Sure, I realize this is hardly true scientific stuff, but usually it’s entertaining and a pleasant distraction.

    Tonight’s episode, on the other hand, is just one more warning that people have to keep their guards up… in a program about some Aryan mummies, we have Oliver interviewing John de Nugent, for crying out loud, giving him credence and airtime and all the rest of it.

    It’s bloody disgraceful: I had never heard of the man, and I’d guess that 80% of your audience hadn’t heard of the wretch either. Now all you’ve gone and done is present him and his odious view – “the red man committed genocide on the white man in North America,” apparently because the whites had arrived on the continent 10,000 years before people came across Beringia. Really? Why give these people any air time at all? It wasn’t really anything to do with the thrust of the program, such as it was, except to say that there’s still some loonies around who believe Hitler’s mad theories. Why couldn’t you have left it at that?

    Yes, I know… the program kind of takes everything back at the end, and all is well. But frankly Oliver Steeds should be ashamed and embarrassed.

    The pseudo science and archeology was mildly entertaining, but you can count me out. Let’s hope that the Mythbusters can keep the faith…


    PS… yeah, I know.. all us educated Discovery Channel viewers are way above the views put forward by de Nugent, and are suitably shocked. But that’s not the point: why did they put him on the air in the first place? Double grrr…

  40. Kristina Says:

    Charlie – I have to agree and disagree with you here. While I am normally just as opposed to giving air time to the crazy and dangerous, I don’t think that you have to worry about this man’s appearance on Solving History being a recruitment call to likeminded bigots, for a number of reasons:

    First, my bet is that there aren’t a whole lot of fence straddling Nazi’s watching Solving History. And if by some chance they did take a break from the head shaving and gun shooting, I doubt that the episode, including the bits with the Pennsylvania Nazi, would do anything to reinforce their belief system. If anything it may piss them off, but who cares? Pissing off bigots is as worthy a pass time as any other.

    Second, reasoned and rational response to that kind of thinking is really the only way to combat it. Ignoring it may make us more comfortable, but it won’t do anything to change the root causes of that kind of ignorance. If it were done in the spirit of ”equal time” to their message, and free speech and all that, I would have a problem with it too, but I think in this context (the context of debunking and fact finding) it is valid to air the man’s thinking.

    Ok, that’s my two cents for the month! ;)


  41. admin Says:

    Lisa: Odessa: nope but it’s something I should know more about so will do some digging.

    Martin: Olly Haters! Thanks for your support Martin – there’s always going to be some people who don’t agree, misunderstand or go out of their way to be moronic. Bring em on!

    Carmen: DNA: did you ever do your DNA? What did you find out?

    Tan: solitary: not the best night’s sleep. In fact, by just speaking about the horrors that the prisoners went through to camera, it had a strange effect and for some reason it unlocked all the most horrible and darkest experiences in my life – in the end I couldn’t speak to the camera anymore so just sat in the dark with the all these horrific thoughts going through my mind almost re-experiencing the worst in life.

    Tan: bags and sharks: well fortunately I didn’t see any sharks but the fishermen said there were some almost there used to be many more because the prisoners who died were thrown off the shore (sea burial of sorts) and a ready meal for waiting sharks plus there was a slaughter house on one of the islands which fed a steady stream of entrails and blood into the water around the islands keeping the sharks waiting. The safety boat was never meant to be that far away although unfortunately they got their wires crossed with the shoot boat when we were filming the raft and they left me out floating at sea for a couple of hours before sitting down to lunch and realizing I was missing – that was there was their excuse anyway, but it was the last shot of the film and I think they wanted pay back or were just trying to kill me!

    CharlieBing: concerns over interviewing radicals: Thanks for your thoughts on this – it is of course a very delicate issue and something I and the team thought about a lot before deciding to interview him. In the end my conclusion was that we should interview him, not because we give him credence, but to take him on. His ideas are obviously disgusting the vast majority but I believe as a journalist we need to take people on, challenge their ideas and where their ideas incite racial hatred then confront them, expose them for what they are and deal with them in an open and transparent manner. If you haven’t please do read my blog on this subject – as I conclude, history has a horrible way of repeating itself – and if remain silent on these subjects, if we don’t tackle the roots of the ideas we too become complicit in these tragedies.

  42. Carmen Says:

    Hi there Olly,

    No we haven’t gotten the tests done yet. My sister is still in Saudi and not quite sure when she’ll be back yet. Hopefully July. She taught ESL there this year, and they still haven’t figured out when the end of the school year will be! As I’m sure you know, they don’t exactly run on what we would call a schedule over there. Seemingly no organization what so ever! lol Very frustrating at times, but very funny, too. I’ll definitely keep you posted, though. :o)

    Hope you’re having fun in Asia.

  43. shawn Says:

    Hi Olly,
    I loved watching your show. Every episode was an adventure and I learned so much. A 2nd season would be so awesome. Keep up the good work. – Shawn

  44. Eric Ski Says:

    Hello Olly,

    I realize I am about a year late on this post. I saw a repeat of your show about Nazis and mummie. I was very interested especially regarding the dna testing and the supposed “Aryan” race. The conclusion of the show and the geneticist that aired on that show was that there is no aryan race or gene. While there being no real “aryan” race as Hitler believed it (giants decended from Atlantis). I have heard of certain genetic mutations being refered to as the “Aryan gene” in the scientific field. I do realize that they are not refering to it “aryan” as a master race or anything of the sort. They are refering to the genetic mutation that is prevelant among the ancient Nordic’s and other Indo-European tribes such as the Slavic groups.

    The genetic mutations in particular that I am speaking of are haplogroup Distribution of European Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroups by country in Europe.

    R1a and R1b haplogroups are the genetic mutations that are found very prevelant throughout Northern Europe and Russia. I have heard of these to haplogroups refrenced as the “aryan gene” numerous times in essays, publications, and websites in the scientific community. I very seriously doubt that they use the term in the same meaning as Hitler did.

    I was wondering what are your thoughts on this. Thank you

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