Nazi Treasure: Amber Room – Solving History: 17th Feb, 10pm EST (Discovery) 17Feb10

The hunt for the most notorious piece of Nazi treasure is on… The infamous Amber Room is the most valuable piece of missing art in the world. For more than 200 years these lavish wall panels, made entirely from carved amber, gems and gold, were the pride of the Russian czars – that is, before the Nazis looted the treasure in 1941. I’m pick up the story where it was last seen – medieval fortress in the city of Koenigsberg, (a city now called Kaliningrad, fondly known as the corridor of crime, a good place to go if you’re into trafficking people, guns, drugs, stolen cars or have a penchant for having your eyes stabbed out with a pencil)… onto Nazi hideouts across Europe to an underground German fortress, into secret Czech mine-shafts, and even drilling deep beneath a medieval castle used by the SS…. There’s some sneek peek video on the Solving History Page on the Discovery Site… But could there be a Swiss Connection? A number of our sources told us that the Amber Room would most probably have been hidden along with numbers to secret bank accounts… At first I didn’t realise the complexity and complicity of the Swiss involvement, but here’s what I found out…

Wealth From Murder and Theft
The Nazis had a sick penchant for plundering every nation they invaded, most famously for their gold reserves and art. Germany began the war with reserves in the Reichsbank of around $208 million, of which some $97million represented gold already stolen from Austria, Czechoslovakia and Danzig. The total amount of gold looted by the Nazis during the war itself, not only from the defeated nations, such as Belgium, Holland and Hungary, but from Jewish and other victims, is now estimated at $580 million. The gold came from governments and civilians, including Jews murdered in concentration camps, from whom everything was taken down to the gold fillings of their teeth. Of this about $400 million (worth $4 billion today,) went to Switzerland either to the Swiss National Bank’s own account or through their banks to other nations. I’m ashamed to say, that I didn’t know that much about the Swiss connection during the war so I’ve been doing a bit of digging.

Nazi Gold Trading
The Swiss accepted some $280m ($2.8 billion today) on their own account and the rest went directly to the accounts of other countries (Portugal, Spain and Sweden, Turkey, Argentina) in payment for goods and raw materials. Most of it has never been recovered. The Bergier commission (an investigation set up by the Swiss Government) says 76% of Nazi gold transactions went through Switzerland and the volume of trade between Swiss private banks and war-time Germany was at least three times higher than earlier estimates indicated. The Swiss returned only $58 million in gold, keeping gold valued by a Swiss historian at $350 million ($3.5 billion at today’s prices!).

Sinister Swiss Accountants
They also kept most of an estimated $250 million to $500 million in liquidated German assets — even some from German Jews. Half of this was supposed to go to stateless victims, who finally got about $28 million. In 1962, Swiss banks began “finding” “lost” bank accounts, finally returning $9.5 million to rightful owners in the early 1970s. Pressed again in 1996, they suddenly “found” another $32 million in 1996. In the past few years, they have now apparently located $46.8 million in 5,600 “dormant” accounts opened by “foreigners” before May 1945. They are still a long way short of “finding” all the missing accounts.

Aiding the Enemy
The Swiss National Bank, as well as the Bank for International Settlements (based in Switzerland) openly carried out gold transactions between neutral central banks and the Reichsbank during the war, thus facilitating the Nazi war effort. The US War Department, Treasury Department, Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and Justice Department all accused the Swiss of also engaging in direct production for Nazi Germany and providing protection for their investments. Swiss shipping lines furnished Germany with a large number of boats for the transport of goods. Switzerland also allowed an unprecedented use of its railways to link Germany and Italy for the transport of coal and other goods. Switzerland provided Germany with arms, ammunition, aluminum, machinery and precision tools, as well as agricultural products. Swiss convoys carried products from Spain across France through Switzerland to Germany. This collaboration continued even as the Germans retreated and the threat of invasion evaporated. As late as early 1945, Switzerland gutted an agreement it had just reached with the United States to freeze German assets and to restrict purchases of gold from Germany.

An Amber Room Connection?
In the making of this film, we focused mainly on investigating the Amber Room, but the research in Nazi looting and especially the little known complicity of Switzerland, has truly helped to inform our wider understanding of these events. I’m obviously not saying that the Amber room in held in Swiss bank vaults (although anything is possible – and it seems very possible that the Amber Room could be hidden with numbers to Swiss bank accounts), but there is still a huge amount we don’t know about what happened during the war. The Nazi legacy, including the complicity of others and the location of some of their plunder, still remains unsolved.

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  1. Geoff Says:

    I’m looking foward to this episode as it is one of those overlooked mysteries. We tend to focus on the more ancient mysteries as opposed to the more modern ones. I am anxious to see what you discover, and what came come to light as a result of your investigation!

  2. Carmen Says:

    Oooo…. That video was an excellent teaser! It definitely makes me want more! This show looks absolutely fascinating. I had never heard of the ‘Amber Room’ before, so that’s an added ‘plus’.
    Regarding the Swiss involvement, I’m so glad you’re addressing that! The Swiss like to claim “neutrality”, when in fact, they were actually very involved. I clearly remember the events unfolding in 1996 when the Swiss were strongly pressed on the issue of Jewish gold still being held in their country. The reasons they gave for not handing it over sooner..? Because no one could hand over the proper papers to claim it, papers which were destroyed or stolen by the Nazis or were lost forever when the Jews were taken to concentration camps! Despicable.
    Can’t wait to watch tonight to learn more…


  3. Tan Says:

    Hi, Olly
    Almost forgot, “Happy belated Valentine!” Well, the Amber Room, this is new mysterry to me. I never heard of the “Amber Room” before this either. I’m pretty much into anything of the mystery, but somhow miss this on e that been loots by the Nazi(Although, I think I heard about something close to that of the description but not really sure though). About the Swiss bank, I guess anything possible. with an accounting in mind, I believe that all you have to do is follow that number, but I bet the bank ( ie. the accounting, audit, etc.) only gave those people curtain books to look into. (You know the bankbook, balance sheet, income statement and don’t forget the footnote that should come with those books). The Swiss bank seems to run on the secrecy account that includes anything from Nazi’s account, to all the Mafia, and the entire drug lord cartel. So, I guess thay cannot just hand over the bankbook, they would, first need to fix the book before it being look over. You know it would be like opening the can of worm if the book weren’t fix. Anyway, will be waiting to watch it tonight and write you more with lot of question. PS. What happens to you when you were in Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad)? Did you see someone with their eyes stabbed out with the pencil? That place sound very horrible, I am glad that you are safe. Olly,Take care and stay safe, Tan

  4. Martin Says:

    Ohhh man this is going to be an amazing episode!

  5. G Says:

    Very interesting, wish I could come along on that adventure, I’m good with figuring out locations and matching it up with my surroundings haha. I have been looking into Nazi history and their strange mysterious for quite a while, just an interest that peaked last couple months. Were those letters the mayor had threatening his life real? Very scary.

  6. Reena Says:

    Dear Mr. Steeds,

    I have to say I loved, loved, loved this episode you kept me on the edge of my seat.
    I cannot imagine how you felt thinking that history will be changed every time you were digging for some evidence.
    One question, as you stated there were other places in the castle that have not been looked at. Can there be a chance that the crates could be hidden there?
    I saw the coming attractions for next weeks show & seeing you so close to that gun was really scary.
    I guess living with the tribes was a walk in the park compared to what you have been going through health wise while solving history.
    Please stay safe and live a long long life. The world needs good people like you.

    Wishing you health, happiness, love & wealth.

  7. Dan Tillmanns Says:

    Interesting story. Why don’t you put loudspeakers in the tunnel that you entered. Then with amplified sound in there. see if you can locate it on the surface instead of just drilling holes almost at random.

  8. mm Says:

    Was just wondering why olly never talked about the digging that went on and still going on. It would be nice to see more about cave that was uncoverd and filled with water. They used complex ground rad computers and found caves and gold,silver ect. Moreover, it would great to see what chambers exstist under ground on the hillside. Would love to more about story as it unfolds …..

  9. Daniel Says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each episode, but this one is in a league of it’s own. Not only was it your best episode, but it was the best hour of programming I’ve seen on television in some time. Keep up the great work!

  10. Kristina Says:

    Dang, y’all, the best episode yet? Saying this with ALL the respect in the world…I was a little disappointed. I mean. I don’t actually think that they are going to ‘solve’ any of the mysteries they tackle, but I feel like the other episodes came to a sound, logical and somewhat original conclusion by the end, whereas this episode…well. it was all stuff I already knew.

    For instance, the Nazca Line episode was wonderful because I thought the conclusion at the end was so very rational, probable and well researched. This one just felt like a frustrated snipe hunt. I don’t know, I may just need to watch it again.

    Still, snipe hunting or not, my favorite thing on tv ;)

  11. Carmen Says:

    REALLY, really excellent, Olly! I just got the chance to watch it today and had to keep rewatching parts so as not to miss a single bit.

    I can understand Kristina’s frustration with the lack of a concise ending, but such is the nature of a search like this. Of course, we all want to neatly wrap it up and tie it with a bow, but if these mysteries and hunts were that easy, the mysteries would have been solved and the treasures found long ago. Bottom line is, this stuff is hard to tackle! But, I think you can actually find this. There has to be SOMEone out there who knows exactly where it is. It seems almost impossible that a treasure like that could just disappear without at least one person knowing and passing down that information. A loyal, wealthy friend of the SS with lots of land maybe. So much was scattered throughout Europe stored in castles and manors of wealthy home and land owners. It seems that someone out there just needs to decide that it’s finally time. I do hope you continue this search and that we get to see what is at the end of that tunnel in Germany. If the threatening letter was any indication, it could truly be amazing and revealing. What a thrill. Thank you, Olly!! Be safe.


  12. Britt Says:

    Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! For someone who knew a very little about the Amber Room, or even about just how much looting and thieving the Nazis did in WW2, this ep was a treasure in and off itself!

    I guess it’s the Indiana Jones in all of us that enjoys the idea of something being hidden and it must be found. Surely, finding something so significant as the Amber Room and whatever else might be stored with it (which would assuredly break new ground in the history of the war, if not beyond) would be an absolutely brilliant thing, but there is something so seductive about the elusiveness of the search! The mystery of the unknown, or the clues that just tease the edge of your brain.

    Well done, Olly!! Loved it. :)

  13. Lissa Says:

    Hi Olly,
    I also didn’t know about the Amber room before. Your show and website are fountains of knowledge.
    About the letter the mayor received – despite the death threat, I thought the writer rather fueled the mayor to further his search of the Amber room by mentioning that he might also find the Jewish Silver and Himmler’s Archive. Other than prestige what other incentive do treasure hunters have to continue their search of the Amber room? If found shouldn’t it be returned to Russia? Any laws on the spoils of war? When the Swiss are finally done in returning assets to their rightful owners, what will happen with the remaining dormant accounts (if any)?
    According to, some researchers said that “Joseph Stalin had another Amber Room and installed fake panels at the palace, from where Germans took them.” Most likely it’s not the case, but, what if? Thus, could it be possible that the “supposedly replica” of the Amber room is actually the original? Wouldn’t that be one of the best kept secrets in history?! I know, I know… if only.
    You previously blogged about dreaming of going to Space… WOW, you don’t set your limits just to the sky… but beyond! I say why not! Hope someday you get to go either on a NASA or Russian spacecraft. Another alternative, perhaps you’ve already heard of Virgin Galactic suborbital space liner? So hang on to that dream… you just never know!
    Take care,

  14. admin Says:

    Many thanks as always for lovely and challenging thoughts and questions…

    Tan: Kaliningrad: It’s an interesting place! Got a bad reputation but fortunately didn’t see anyone getting their eyes poked out. But I did see the House of Soviets – what’s been billed as the ugliest building on Russian soil – quite the title! More here –

    Reena: Other parts of the castle: It’s possible that there are other hidden caverns in the castle as they keep on stumbling on unknown parts, but the owner reckons where we were digging and drilling was the best bet as we know it was sealed by the Nazis. Hope you enjoy the next episode – well enjoy’s the wrong word – as it’s pretty dark and twisted, but I think perhaps the strongest film in the series. If you get the chance, it’s well worth reading by Dispatch before hand as it will set up some of the more complex historical analysis that we didn’t really get into in the film… will post it up on Monday…

    Kristina: thanks for your thoughts – lets hope you like the next one: Hitler’s Mummies – not Hitler’s Mom – she was called Clara apparently.

    Lissa: Treasure hunters: They have prestige for finding and would no doubt be rewarded for finding it, but I imagine if they do find it, there will be a lot of other things with it, that will have tremendous about of value… And as far as I know it will be returned to Russia – if not, they’d probably send the FSB to get it!

    Lissa: Stalin’s replica/original: interesting idea but I’ve no real evidence to substantiate this claim – a piece of the original Amber room did show up recently – there’s a good summary here – – plus the KGB, Smersh, Stasi and others have spent millions looking for the original – I cant imagine they would have wasted their time, if they knew they were chasing the wrong one. And in Kaliningrad, we met some of the people who were involved in producing the replica that is now installed in St. Catherines.

  15. Kristina Says:

    Carmen – You know, it may just be that this is such a modern mystery, that there hasn’t been time yet for the intense study required for a conclusion. And there are so many hot tempers and political considerations that it may be a generation before it can be studied dispassionately enough for real resolution. I will watch it again with that thought in mind.

    Olly – I am sure Hitlers Mummies will knock my socks off. I am excited to see you harass that Aryan gentleman, frankly.

  16. Reena Says:

    Hi Olly,

    Thanks for the disclaimer about the next episode.
    I was a few blocks away when one of the towers feel in NY & after that day I cannot watch a lot of things on TV, but for some reason I feel
    goodness will prevail. It may take a couple of days to watch it but I will.
    Let us know about season 2 when you can. They are already advertizing the DVD for season 1.
    I have been looking at the Discovery Channel web site (did pretty good on the quiz considering at that time there were 3 series to watch)

    Wishing you health, happiness, love & wealth.

  17. Ric Dykstra Says:

    Dear Ollie,
    I love all of your programs and find them all very interesting. They all leave me with a desire to know more about the subjects, and I understand what drives you to search for more-and more! I would really like to believe that The Ark of The Covenant is in Ethiopia, and that it has survived this long! I wonder why Isreal hasen’t demanded it back? I place the Ark on a level with the Shroud of Turin. There was a time when I thought it was a fake-but now science has proven it could very well be the real thing! May I suggest you do a program about the Shroud? I think it could be very interesting.
    God keep you safe, and always protect you!

  18. Sarah Says:

    Hi Olly,
    Thanks for such a great show. Have you ever heard of the unsolved cases of female sexual homicides in Ciudad de Juarez? It would be great if you could do a research on this issue. Thanks a lot!

  19. Martin Says:

    Olly do you think there was a chance that the Amber room may have been taken down and the 26 boxes had been scattered in different locations around Russia, like the forest, underground bunkers etc, in the hopes that it would be reassembled after the war but those who know the location are probably dead, I wonder if one day we will find a box with some amber in it by the off chance! – Also what rights would the owner of the castle have to the Amber room? you would think a wealthy guy like that would bring in some heavy duty equipment to sniff out that $250M worth of amber – would be be entitled to keep all of it? – Great episode Olly cant wait to see those mummies!!

  20. Martin Says:

    OOhh yea one more thing Olly, We thought the Nasca lines were interesting, well check this out!

    There are other shapes and strange lines found on google earth too, just search “Strange Google Earth” into youtube – I thought you might enjoy this stuff

  21. Tan Says:

    Hello, Olly
    Thank you for the link to “the uglier building on Russian soil.” I have to admits, it is ugly and especially you cannot do anything to it. I also agree with the consultant about tearing it down and build a new one would be cheaper and a lot more safties than trying to fix the exits one. Thank you for showing me the world you have seen. OK, back to the subject of this week, “The Amber Room.” I think you need to make part 2 to the mystery of “The Amber Room.” The clued was so intrigue, especially the castle that SS was occupied at the end. So many witnesses saw those wooden crates being carries into the castle, but none never see them being carry out from the castle. Sorry, to see you looked so frustrated when the drilled at the castle was not as you thought it would be (haven’t see you that tried for a long time, the last time you looked like that, I think is when you was trying to get accepted by the Machigenga’s tribe after Mark already being accepted). Did you think is going to be maybe a couple of hours to drills down to what you thought it was the cement’s door? I thought it would be the max of an hour or so, got so excited too. Got my imagination going, especially, they just found out not too long ago about the room under the cement’s floor. (The plumber found that one, go figuere! It had to be accidentals founding every times never when you really look for it). the cave at the end was another mystery; could anything can be done to dig those rubble of rock/dirt out? If that were me, I would try to dig it out little by little just for the heck of it, even for a bucket/day. Do you think the reason he was so slow in dig the cave out it because of the threat letter toward his family? More question than answer about “the snake” tunnel; I mean, If all the witnesses (300 POW and 11 SS) were dead, except the driver and Gen. Klein, then who let out the secret? Do you think is the driver or Gen. Klein who has the loose lip? I mean why would they talk about “the snake” after they had murder 311 peoples to kept it secret, unless there are witness that survives the shooting. Because, I just cannot picture 11 SS soldiers plus 2 more (the driver & Klein) start shooting at 300 peoples and no one, I mean, no one is running. I know I would run like there is no tomorrow if you know what I mean. OK, 300 peoples, so how many bullets it need to kill all of them, especially it look like they use machine gun of some type. You know the number just don’t fit the picture, unless we talk about Rambo. So, I quess someone survives and then they the one who’s talk and that make more sense to me. What do you think? I guess this is long enough, sorry, I didn;t mean it. Take care and stay safe, Tan.

  22. Judy Urban Says:

    I visited the Amber Room last year in St Petersburg and no one even hinted that this was not the original one. I love your show and the amount of information you supply. It has been quite an education. I am looking forward to the one on Devil’s Island since that is the day I ran into you in the isolation cell. I still would love to have a picture.

  23. admin Says:

    Ric Dykstra: Why hasn’t the Ark been stolen? Good question and if it is the real one, your conclusion is similar to mine, that surely Mossad would have grabbed it by now! Who knows, perhaps it isn’t the real thing ;-) Good thinking on the Turin shroud – will need to read up on the latest…

    Sarah: female sexual homicides in Ciudad de Juarez? Thank you for this suggestion. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know a whole lot about this, but it sounds horrific. Will look into it.

    Martin: Amber Room scattered? Anything’s possible but I’d doubt it – as it would have even more complicated and based on the other things they hid that have been found, they tended to keep them all in one place (98% of the Reichsbank gold was found in Merkers Mine). Everything was in a mess at the end of the war, when they realized the game was up and so it was a bit of frantic effort to hide what they could – I doubt they had the ability to split it up – but you never know!

    Martin: finder’s keepers? Not sure the legal position on finding stolen treasures, but because he’d be dealing with the weight of the Russian government and their other ‘agencies’, I’d imagine he’d give it up without a fight but would probably receive a finders fee… But that’s just a guess!

    Tan: Digging in the Castle: Yup, I’m afraid I did think we’d get through in a few hours. It was unbelievably frustrating, but I guess no one said it would be easy.

    Tan: The killings of the POW and Klein? Who let the secret out? The man I was with who told me the story, used to work for the Czech secret police went undercover in a prison and won Klein’s trust and Klein told him the story. I’m not sure about the mechanics of killing 300 people, but the 11 were presumably heavily armed and new what they had to do and so positioned themselves in a kill area. Sorry don’t know the details, but I cant imagine you really want to know!

    Judy: sorry for the delay in the photo. Hope you got my email. Been nuts busy, but I promise I’ll wing one over to you.. and apologies again for scaring you. Hopefully you’ll feel better about it when you see the horror I went through whilst overnighting it in those horrific cells.

  24. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey Olly,

    I’ve followed you and Mark on the Travel Channel and am so glad to see you on Discovery. I’ve always believed that the real “final” frontier is right here on terra firma–on lands and with people not generally known to the western world. Our understanding of the past is so vital to understanding the present and future, but that seems to have been lost in a world infatuated with technology. Your excitement and curiosity are contagious and you’ve given this baby boomer American a reason to be glued to Discovery on Wednesday nights! I hope there are many seasons to come.

  25. Tanya Says:

    Ok, I found this one really frustrating to watch because, let’s face it, you got nowhere…..saying that, at least I could soothe my frustations with wine, whereas you seemed (naturally) even more frustrated with the whole lack of progress and had no alcohol whatsoever to hand…..Looking forward to the mummies ;-)

  26. Julianne Says:

    Loved this episode, Olly…It was so fascinating!!

    On a slightly related note – I’ve heard that the Nazi’s hid stolen goods deep in the salt mines which left books, in particular, spectacularly preserved – perhaps there’s just a mystery waiting to be solved there?

  27. Logan Says:

    I loved the suspense of your show but i didnt like the abrupt ending i wish you could have just crawled in that hole and taken pictures will you ever do like a sequel to that episode of the amber room

  28. Anton Says:

    The truth about Hitler, the Nazis, England and the US will never be known. The US and the allies have blood on their hands but history is written by the victors. Why was Hess imprisoned all his life? Why did he fly to England? He left Nazi Germany before the so called final solution was thought up so why was he a criminal? What he knew would change history, just as the letters sent to the German mayor while steed was there stated. What you may find will re-write history, stop now. Is history of that era not already written as we know it? Maybe, maybe not. Too many English royalty and American businessmen like Rockefeller and his standard oil company made billion on the war. The US and British ended up with alll the Nazi gold bars and melted them down to remove the swastikas imprinted on them. They do not want anyone to know the truth about the war.

  29. Hugh Says:

    To help explore the silver mine in DEUTSCHNEUDORF, GERMANY, why not us an Unmanned Ground Vehicle, such as, Dragon Runner, MARCbot, PackBot, or SUGV, to name a few.

    In reference to the post about the murder of 311 soldiers, the MG 42, which entered service with the Wehrmacht in 1942, has one of the highest average rates of fire of any single-barreled man-portable machine gun, between 1,200 and 1,500 rpm. This weapon could have very easily done this.

    The reason MOSSAD hasn’t taken the Ark? The Italian occupation of Ethiopia from 1936–1941 may be the reason. The Ark was probably stolen during this time period by the Mussolini and taken to Italy. From there I believe it was sent to Germany, and placed with the other lost treasures, or was taken by the Vatican.

  30. Big Sven Says:

    Hi Olly,
    Good series, good job in all. I’ve been doing a bit of research myself, into a couple of things, as I knew various people back as a kid in London in the 50-60′s and saw and heard a few things I am now putting together in my dotage, with the help of the www. Unfortunately there is a lot of crap out there but a few people were of help and I found things that reminded me of, and strengthened, fading memories, 50 years is a long time.

    I knew people around the Profumo business, who harboured dark secrets. They were looking for The Holy Grail. I thought this fun, of course, being an impressionable teen, all these otherwise intelligent people wearing capes and hoods and hopping all over the place, chanting, was amusing! Forget the Ark of The Covenant, that was merely the box the Grail was kept in, abandoned to create a false trail. Ok, it’s made of gold, so is worth a bit, but it’s the contents, the Grail, that is the important bit.

    And that is in England, in London, they had deduced, encased in granite to stop communication. For that was what all the hopping was about. Every spring equinox in March they hopped around a boy strapped to the floor on a black sheet with weird symbols on it. There was some girls involved, but let’s not go there, some of your readers might be offended. They were using the ‘innocent and pure’ kids, probably as some sort of antenna, to try to communicate with the Grail, which ‘awoke from hybernation’ at this time, for 2 weeks, than shut down again (to save energy, perhaps).

    I know, for in ’59 I was that boy.

    The Grail is similar to a black glass ball, by the way, the size of a cannonball, or the English bowlingball. It glows so bright when in action it will blind all who haven’t protected their eyes, hence it seems to have been held on top of a staff that could be raised above the holder. The Mace. The small ball on top of the Crown represents it, as does the Jewel In The Crown, The Koo-in-Noor (?) the all-seeing bright eye. All symbolic stuff to remind the punters looking-on who’s boss.

    There are 3 Grails, actually, called collectively The Holy Trinity. Yes, you’ve read about it in the Bible. I’ve traced the other 2 to the Dali Lama and a sunken uboat off Ascention Island. Yes, the Germans were indeed looking for various artifacts, and seemingly found a few.

    A complication: A Jewish friend told me he thought there were 8 Grails in all. Well, nobody said this was going to be easy!!!!!!

    The Amber Room: The Grail communicates via telepathy/mind-control. The people I knew were into this, several were VERY good at it. The best was Bertrand Russel, the Grand Master, I spent a day with him when he was testing if I was good enough to use. The Amber Room had something to do with the Grail, I think it amplified the collective signal of the people trying to use it, knocking-out any ‘white-noise’ that might interfere with it. The Czar possibly refused to ship it to England in order to retain some power, some clout, over the others, forcing them to come to him when they tried to use it. Rasputin’s power probably came from his telepathic powers, he could talk to the Grail. You have to be born to this stuff, by the way, and only a few of such people have the ability to go very deep, you can only train yourself to a minor degree otherwise, see vaguely into the future, for example.

    Thank god. For the man who can use it will rule the world. But at the moment just the threat they might be able to use it one day puts them on top of the greasy pole.

    Via one of the men I met I got to meet several girls working at Buck House, looking after Chas and Anne, girls around 12-16 years old. I got to hear a few secrets, and noticed one or two, too. I was there one day when the singer Alma Cogan bawled the girls out …in Hebrew. Yet only 2 of the girls were actually Jewish. I wondered about this and later buttonholed one of the girls I trusted more than the others. It seems the hand-wavers use German as a family language when alone at various times (but we know they are sausage-eaters already) but I was quietly told that they use Hebrew during various rituals, ceremonies, etc., and thus most of the nobility still learn Hebrew. In secret.

    The girls were a bit, er, ‘perky’, and were always trying to impress me (I was a gorgeous lad, rugby-player, big and hunky for my age. Oh, to turn time back…) and I got to hear something very interesting. There are 2 sealed-off tube-tunnels under the Mall, from Charing Cross, under Buck House, and possibly connecting again to the network further on. If the people ever overrun Buck House they’ll find it empty. There is a lift on the right side, where ‘Beryll’ lives, down to the tube. It has never been used, it was sealed from day-1, the workers who made it probably never realised it was never used, one tunnel looks like another tunnel on pay-day and they were dead years ago anyway. The right tunnel (looking at Buck House) has a train in it, and stops at Clarence House too, so the women didn’t have to walk, the men always walked as part of the ritual.

    But the left tunnel….

    The first part is where they keep their REALLY secret archives and a lot of various art items (a suggestion of stolen goods was breathed) then there are the opulent quarters where they lived during the blitz, safe from the bombs. They never stayed in the actual palace as most people think, braving the bombs. The last bit in more or less empty, an armoury, bunks for the security etc. At the Charing Cross end is a small tunnel going-off to the left, up a bit, and into a temple with a X-form alter with straps. It is here various ceremonies are carried out. Again, a hint of bad things, but not witnessed by the whisperer. But she liked being strapped-down and ‘serviced’ by various people. “I’ve never had such orgasms…”

    The thing is, she mentioned there seemed to be a section of the opulent living-quarters that was clad in amber….

    Not sure, but she thought it might be part of the Russian Amber Room. There were packingcases amongst the art that had crylic-writing on them.

    By the way, I was never down there as she said there were guards 24/7 with written orders to shoot to kill anyone on sight, even Beryll had to ask for written permission to go down there. But all the people who worked at Buck House were shown around as they would have to help their boss and her husband out of there in an emergency. Some of the security guards liked to use the place for parties when the boss wasn’t there, and also use the temple for a fun time, so they allowed the girls to go down there at such times.

    I knew Ian Fleming, the author, he was related to Beryll’s lot (not widely known, Stuart Granger and James Robertson Justice were too, I knew ‘RJ’ well via my moonlighting at a theatre) and he once buttonholed me at the theatre ‘for a private chat’, that was unfortunately interrupted before he got to the really juicy stuff he actually wanted to discuss or tell. I think he was warning me, he knew of the people I’ve mentioned, the hoppers, and realised I was getting into deep water and needed to know over which shoulder to look (BOTH!) He got to hear talk that was never recorded as it was ‘too dangerous’, regarding mysterious things during the war, as well as the truth behind all the rumours/scandals they cover-up so well. So I know there are very deep secrets out there, but not exactly what.

    So keep on digging, Olly.

    But be careful when prodding in certain things…..

  31. admin Says:

    Tanya: frustrations: yup – making it was very frustrating – but that’s the reality on genuinely trying to track down these subjects – it’s the process, the journey of discovery and sometimes you might not get anyway except hopefully learning more about the subject. Wish the world was a Hollywood ending! Would make my life a lot easier. Glad the wine helped you out at least.

    Julianne: salt mines: Good knowledge – we actually went into Merkers Mine – potash and salt mine – in Germany where they found the biggest stash of gold, art and treasures – sadly no Amber Room!

    Hugh: using tech: good idea – think we should have done a cross-over show with Mythbusters guys or the Rowe family!

  32. Bruce Ollinger Says:

    Hello! I watched this show in a motel while traveling. I study and analyze information. You need my consulting services. Most likely the amber room has already been found and is hidden in any number of vaults of many vast hidden complexes around the world. Everyone, if they work hard enough can learn a piece of a puzzle but I think you need me on your creation team because I have a lifetime of pieces that I am constantly assembling and I would be a valuable asset. Ever wonder about some of the names that are in those Nazi vaults backing Hitler? I wonder if any of those names match up to those that Major Smedley Butler named to US Congress. Okay only one more teaser to get your attention. Did you know US autoworkers worked in Germany in WWII? I need a job and you need information for good stories – sounds like a fair trade to me. I would like to remain low key so please don’t post this in comments. Lets start some dialog. Thanks B

  33. Mairtin Says:

    Olly. Find the show very enjoyable. A mixture of travel and history and adventure. It seems like a great job, and you present it very well. Continued success.

  34. Luis Says:

    What a great episode! Really appreciated all the effort you put into making it.

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