Lost City of Gold: El Dorado: Solving History: Wed 27th Jan Premiere: 10pm EST 26Jan10

Lost City of Gold: El Dorado: New episode of Solving History Premieres 10pm EST…
Once again, a huge thanks to everyone who’s been watching the series and writing thoughts and questions on here and on the FB page – huge apologies for not replying yet – been a nuts few weeks, but finally have time to breathe and will be replying to everyone this week, I promise! I hope you enjoy this new episode – one of my favourites – back in Peru, we explore the mystery of El Dorado — its very name has has become synonymous with a legend of a mythical city of gold lost in the wilds of South America. For hundreds of years explorers have mounted expeditions to find it… and as strange as it seems, I am a strong believer that there is lots still to be found… large chunks of unmapped, unexplored regions of the Amazon and the Andes, makes it technically possible.. and we actually find something new to add to the debate! From the golden churches of the Incan capital Cusco, I follow the trail of El Dorado along a road of ruins deep into the remote Andes Mountains, leading an expedition that promises to open a new chapter in the centuries-old hunt for the City of Gold… it’s a corker plus, as usual I go a bit crazy… I blame the altitude ;-)

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  1. Free Says:

    Literally watching the show right now and just saw you jumping on that bridge….ahh!! are you out of your mind?!?! geez!! Well I’m going to continue watching….

    …haha love the close-ups your camera men do on you :- )

  2. Eve Says:


  3. Julianne Says:

    Olly – The show is fantastic! I’m jealous of your trekking around the Andes, it looks like such an amazing place! I also love your umbrella…Quite the dapper touch! : )

  4. Ted Says:

    Wondering if you can tell us the name of the town that you ended up at that I thought you said was 300 miles north of Cusco. My wife is from the far north of Cusco. It looked very similar to where my wife is from but that is only 30 miles north. 300 I believe is well into Brazil so I am assuming I heard wrong.

  5. Jon Pitman Says:

    I love your show. Especially the one in the Andes. I grew up in Bolivia and the story of El Dorado was a familiar one. I miss being there so badly and would love to be gallavanting around the Andes with you.
    Take care and keep safe. Have fun.

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