Nazca Lines: Made by Aliens? 20Jan10

Tonight @ 10 EST: Nazca… sneak peek: taking on the alien theorists… hope you can tune in tonight… it’s a common idea that the lines were made by aliens and there’s a host of other reasons why I really don’t buy it – many are tackled later in the film, but if anyone has any compelling evidence that aliens were behind them… I’m open to discuss it!

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  1. Lolita Says:

    I do believe that is possible to prove that there is no Santa, Easterbunny, or Toothfairy to the immence disappointment of children. The proof comes in the form of cedit card statments, teeth hidden in mothers memorry boxes, and vender profit. As to aliens, why waste the time to ponder, the proof is in the pudding, so far no pudding. So if you keep seeking for it as for silver, and as for hidden treasure you keep searching for it, in that case you will understand and find the very knowlede, (paraphrased) what is the true benifit for it not to change you. There will alway things of this world and heaven ( i.e. ark, you started it) never to be understood. Is the true benifit the journy it’s self, is it the sharing the infromation of idea and plights that others had never gave thought to? On some level is it sharing who the real you are. What you do is not a job, as seen by others, but a passion of much that otherwise not seen. Is that so?

  2. William Harris Says:

    You are the man Olly Steeds!!!! The Show is very cool and interesting on how you examine all the facts to the myths…and for people like Lolita…they just need to stop thinking so much and get some friends.

    Rock on Olly

  3. Reena Says:

    Hi Olly,

    Great show. Just a thought but as soon as you told us about the sea shells it was one of those ahh ha moments.
    I feel the reason why the sea shells were put on the lines was to make the lines look like water and maybe the
    water God’s would make it rain thinking is was a lake or an ocean. Just a thought.
    As soon as the gentlemen stated he took San Pedro, it seemed as if you could not wait to take it to learn more.
    Was San Pedro different than the last time you had to take the drug with the Machigenga?
    You should have been under a doctor’s supervision not a Shaman’s.
    Please take care of yourself.
    Last question, when you were at the monastery (the first show) and you saw all of those artifacts, could you have found a way
    to carbon date them?

    Wishing you Health, Happiness, Love & Wealth

  4. Kasumi Says:

    OS-I have to sadly say tonight was the the first time I have ever seen your show! But that regret will be turned into good by watching your show most habitually from now on-no doubt. Finally a REAL PERSON actually researching and immersing themselves into ancient mysterio cultures and questions and you’re not boring!.On your comment about aliens and if they exist-yes-they do. If you’re ever in the states Ill be glad to show you my evidence. Key note:water. Your show is totally fascinating and you’re a great journalist. I do have a question for you-when you drank the cactus jus concoction moonshine action-was it bitter and had it been fermented to an alcohol consistency? I’ve eaten a lot of cactus and know the taste of raw and cooked but just wondering if the liquid had any sweet properties? I’m your new Official Foodie person. While in Peru did you drink the corn liquor? “Look for the ridiculous in everything and you will find it” Jules Renard-over,

  5. Judy Urban Says:

    I have learned so very much from your program. You have a wonderful personality too. Be careful and take care. I am the lady from Devil’s Island that you scared. Would love a picture.

  6. Martin Says:

    Olly, I am glued to the TV when you are on, your an amazing journalist and I learn so much from your show(s). My favorite so far was the Ark of the Covenant, it must have been an amazing struggle to carry the stone tables and the covenant in peices through the underground tunnel into safety. I could see in your eyes a feverish desire to jump that fence and ramsack the temple where it suposedly is being kept but it just couldnt be done, I say we focus a satelite on that temple to get a peak into its innerworkings haha, It was soo cool to see those artifacts like the breastplate and the blood offering basin, i cant believe we’ve only started this journey (on our end anyway) and I cant wait for the next episodes!!!

    A few questions if you dont mind:

    1. What did that awful testicle taste like? ha ha ha
    2. Do you ever fear for your life in some of your situtations?
    3. When you are done with an assigment and get back home, whats one thing you absolutly look forward to?
    4. You got any pets?
    5. Do you still keep in touch with Mark?

    Thanks for the adventures Olly!! Your the Best! – Martin

  7. Glenda Says:

    Hi Olly did they do the ceremonials on the Nazca lines at certain time in a month are in the year?And I had Idea foryou to solve camelot Did really exist?:)

  8. Samantha Says:

    Hey Olly,

    Another great show! It’s too bad that they wouldn’t let you look around the archeology site. That would’ve been neat to see. Makes you wonder though, why some things are kept so secretive. My mom was hoping you’d go to Roswell NM to look for proof of aliens. She lived there or a while….many years ago (don’t tell her I said that). lol

    I can’t wait to see the next episode. I hope you are doing well, and your taking care of yourself. (No more bleeding lungs, okay?) I hope you enjoy your travels and you aren’t held up at gun point in PA again (or anywhere else).

    Someone made a comment on your facebook that all your fans should go with you on your journeys. I could just picture it now. All of us standing around demanding that they let you in, or else. :)

    Always a fan,

  9. Carmen Says:

    Hi Olly,

    I’ve got so many questions I’d like to ask you, but will limit myself to just one…
    One thing that I did not see discussed on the program was the flat mountain tops. I think this above all is what fuels the ‘made by aliens’ theory. Pretty much everything else is explainable. Did you talk to any experts on how these became flat? And if so, what was their take on it? I’ve seen shows on the Nazca lines before, and I’ve never heard a credible explanation for this, even from geologists.

    Now a comment… When you had taken the San Pedro, which the Nazcans are thought to have used in their spiritual practices, you mentioned feeling as though you were in a different realm or dimension (or something like that-not quoting you directly). You also seemed to see lights flashing through the sky. Maybe the Nazcans saw the same things when on San Pedro, but understood it to be something ‘real’, as opposed to what we would say is a drug induce hallucination. They may have truly believed that there was more out there (up in the sky) than what we could see in a normal state of consciousness and that the drug induced state, in their way of thinking, is actually seeing more clearly/spiritually. If that’s the case, maybe the lines were actually made ‘for’ the aliens (or most likely ‘gods’) and not ‘by’ them as many want to think.
    I’d also love to know if the geoglyphs were used in night time rituals, e.g. many walking along the paths at once with torches lit up, thereby making them visible in the night sky (for the gods to see). Just a thought and I guess we’ll never really know. :o∫
    Thanks for the show, Olly. I hope you’re enjoying its success.


  10. Tan Says:

    Hi, Olly
    Just try to catch up with the rest of the fan. I saw Carmen mention about the paths might be use for nighttime rituals with the torches lit up. That bought back the memories I had when I was a child back in Thailand. I don’t remember what they called, but is about the Buddhist ritual in the Northern part of Thailand. I remember that everyone has to walk with the candle or torches around the temple at night 3 times. I did that once with my cousins and it seems like everyone from the whole town is there too. I think if the paths were to used for spiritual at night with the torches lit up, that could be possible and really good reason for something out there in the sky to see. I don’t think alien made the line, but I do think it possible that the line were made by human for alien  to see. Anyway, what happens to the insight about your trips with the San Pedro? I would like to know more about them, but I don’t think I want to try it. Maybe with some more clarification of your experience with the drug would help enlighten my curiosity. Thank you, Olly, for volunteer to do an experiment with the drug. Take care and stay sober, Tan.

  11. Mike Orrell Says:

    Front page news from San Diego…THE NAZCA CODE HAS BEEN CRACKED. The Los Angeles Times was the first to break the story of how an amatuer photographer has successfully deciphered the mysterious Nazca Lines in Peru thanks to an accidental photo he took of ten UFOs. The same projecting triangles in the now famous ‘Inaja UFO Photo” are exactly duplicated in the famous Nazca markings known as ‘The Concorde’ and ‘The Great Triangle’ as seen in Marilyn Bridges book “Markings”. The reason the Monkey and Duckling (aka Hands) figures have only Seven fingers (minus the thumbs) has also been successfully interpeted. See for yourself the evidence the LA Times labeled “UNSETTLING” Google ‘Inaja UFO Photo’

  12. Julio Guzmán Says:

    No, Olly, nobody really serious believes aliens made them, and that the those lines were pathways for spaceships to land. It is a about knowledge to make them. And you must know : scientific speculation about older cultures in the Universe is not nonsense.

  13. Lissa Says:

    Fascinating 2nd episode! Well done, Olly! I was also frustrated when they wouldn’t let you in the Adobe Pyramid. The important thing was that you derived a logical conclusion based on facts that the Nazca lines were used for ceremonial processions.

    1) Do you think the same theory also applies to other geoglyphs in other parts of the world? Example, the “white horse” in Southern England.
    2) What did the desert-dwelling Nazcans planted in their farms?
    3) How long did it take for the effects of San Pedro to wear off? How did you feel afterwards?
    4) Have you by any chance in your travels to South America or other parts of the world have seen an Incan skull – “conehead” or “elongated” shaped skull?

    Keep up the great work. Take care,

  14. Meagan Watkins Says:

    Hey Olly,
    I am still in school, a senior at Ferris High school. To be honest I learn more from your show, than I do in school. I just think the lost civilizations are more interesting, than some of the things we learn at school. Can you believe I learned the wall that separated Germany, by watching a movie?

  15. Frank Auer Says:

    Really disappointed that you claim dowsing works because a local “dowser” finds water after walking a few feet blindfolded. Dowsing has scientifically been proven not to work, check Amazing Randi.You claim you look for proof, this sure isn’t it!

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