Solving History: Nazca Lines…. 19Jan10

Premieres Wednesday 20th Jan @ 10pm ET on Discovery…..
Summary: Carved into the Peruvian desert thousands of years ago, the Nazca Lines have puzzled archaeologists and historians ever since their discovery 100 years ago. Stretching over hundreds of square miles, thousands of geometric shapes and animal figures mark the desert landscape – some as big as football fields, but all flat as the land itself, making them virtually invisible from the ground. Theories to explain the lines range from giant maps of the stars to alien runways to places for elaborate and bizarre rituals. Why would a people who couldn’t fly have built images that could only be seen from the air? Highlights include confronting grave robbers who try to sell me mummified heads, journeying to the real Temple of Doom, ingesting large quantities of san pedro in a shamanic ceremony in an effort to venture into the spirit world myself to unravel the mystery of the Nazca Lines… (watch out for the shaman spraying me with damp geraniums ;-) we do draw some compelling conclusions though ;-) hope you can tune in…

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  1. Free Says:

    Sounds very interesting. Can’t wait to see you in a “spiritual” state ; )

  2. Steve Waclo Says:


    Your show was informative and entertaining until the interview with the local grave robbers. Shame on you!! They belong in jail and youa are a facilitator if you did not report them to authorities.


  3. Tan Says:

    Hi, Olly
    Late once again for your blog, somehow I have a hard time management my time right now. I guess I have to be more organizes. Saw the show, and I do believe in Alien, I think. Somehow I just don’t buy the idea that we the only living thing in this whole universe. The universe is far too big for me to even imagine and the thought of that whole universe has no one else except us, human, animal, and living thing habitat on this earth is just doesn’t sound so logic to me. Of cause don’t laugh at me that I somehow think there are alien out there, never see one, yet! And I hope I never have to see the real one either. I guess that sometime you have to let your imaginary run wild, so you can think outside the box. I guess that would be like you love to take some of those hallucinates medicine ;-) so you can visits your spiritual world, and think outside the box, beyond logic and reason.

  4. Beverly Laila Nickerson Says:

    Dear Ollie,
    I respect your courage to explore the Nazca Lines in Peru and talk about the possiblity beings from other galacies creating these lines.
    I have been on a few Spiritual Journey’s in Peru working with the Andean Shamans and Medicine Peoples , and I felt your willingness to drink the sacred catus, San Pedro with a shamanic healers on air and allow us to see your personal inward journey was commendable.
    You have a nice balance of scientific investigative qualities and spiritual openess to the experience the ancient rituals that can take you to the higher dimensions and look at things from the native peoples perspective.
    Keep exploring and we will keep watching you!
    Would love to see you in Washington DC . Let us know when you are in town to make a public appearance.
    Beverly Laila Nickerson-Reston VA

  5. Wayne Sharpe Says:

    When I saw the image of the monkey in the episode on the Nazca lines I was reminded of a documentary about the book “Secrets of the Incas” by William Sullivan. The Inca of Peru paid a lot of attention to the Milky Way of which they had a particularly clear view. In the dark areas of it they saw images of a monkey, a fox, a llamma and other creatures and these had a very important significance to their religion and to their predictions of the future. I wonder if the creators of the Nazca Lines and pictograms in Peru may have also seen the Milky Way in this way long before the Inca. This may be why the images don’t match up with constellations which for most cultures would have been the obvious first guess about their significance.

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