Solving History Premieres Tonight: 10ET! 13Jan10

Judgment day has arrived (well according to a little know part of the Mayan Prophecy:-))… Please, please tune in! Here’s another quick clip of meeting up with antiquity smugglers in the West Bank…. It’s been quite a ride the last few days – on the Today Show with Meredith was a rare treat, and dozens of TV, print and radio interviews… All well although I was asked why I wanted to be like Indiana Jones… thought it was funny to say that I wanted to be like Tom Jones but instead said Grace Jones by mistake! Oh dear ;-) what else could possibly go wrong!

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  1. Lucy Says:

    Hi Olly,
    I’m so glad that you got your own show. I watch a lot of Discovery channel, so imagine my surprise when I saw commercials for your new show. Congratulations! I’m excited to watch it tonight!

    I have been constantly checking into your site though I have not posted anything lately. I’m sure it doesn’t really matter, but I just wanted you to know that you have support behind you even though some of us have not been commenting. Hmmm…is it just me?

    Much success to your new show!

  2. Tan Says:

    Hello, Olly
    Just sitting here doing homework and waiting for 10:00 pm. and the clock is ticking slower than usual. I guess you just too excited about tonight show that why you answer “Grace Jones” instead of “Tom Jones” by mistake. But on the other hand I thought I remember somewhere you did wrote (I think but if I was wrong, than sorry) that “mistake” was your middle name :) Anyway, I am trying to stay up and hopefully not fall a sleep before the show but don’t worry I set the time for recording the show too, just in case. Will write more and tell you how I think about the show. Take care and best wish, Tan.

  3. Carmen Says:

    Wow, Olly, I see that you have revamped your website a bit. When did that happen and how did you possibly find the time?? I’ll have to further investigate at a later time, because right now… The countdown begins!

    Carmen :o)

  4. Amanda Says:

    20 minutes untill the show starts!! I can’t wait! Don’t worry about the show not getting picked up, you have more devoted fans then “grace jones”!! What I find interesting is the fact that Grace jones is a female model, how do you mix that up, But it happens to the best of us!! So good luck olly, you said you were in DC, you never know you might see Barack Obama:)


  5. Sharon Says:

    Hey there Mr.Olly! Liked your show tonight, pretty interesting. You looked like you were having fun with those Bedouins. Too bad you had to eat those testicles though. You’re pretty darn cute!

  6. Rina Says:

    Captivating show!

  7. Lolita Says:

    Olly, watching the new show now, 9:45p central USA. I like it. I wish I could have recorded it on a DVR. Would love to ask some pointed questions. Like, what is the name of the Jewish/Christian god you mentioned. What biblical evadence that the ark had winged angels? (book, chapter, verses) Your ark was not weighted with gold, don’t you think it might have affected the travel through the tunnels? Do you think that the sacrificial utensils would have been made out of precious metal and that is ornamental? Oh, by the way need more details from you on the “olly”s ten most” . You can’t get away with arousing interest then let us wonder how
    these situations can about and all the juicy details. Love to know more. Can’t wait to hear from you.

  8. Mike Serfas Says:

    Your show about the Ark of the Covenant was interesting, but it would be nice to hear about some less frequently explored religious artifacts and mysteries. Some requests:

    * The True Cross. There’s been debate about how many of the relics are real, and how well they could have held up, but even so: there are churches all over Europe claiming to have pieces of an object that might someday yield the full readable sequence of Yeshua’s* genetic code, from ingrained blood. Please explore.

    ** While you’re at it, can you try to settle the Yeshu/Yeshua/Yehoshua debate? It’s silly that a billion Christians aren’t sure about Jesus’ real name.

    * Mount Sinai. Who has the original Mount Sinai? There are a whole lot of interpretations and proposed synonyms. I wonder if either the Jews or the Samaritans have the original. Can you track it down to an active volcano as some e.g. Freud have suggested? And just possibly, you might even excavate some fragment of a “rough draft” pressed into lava and abandoned before the final tablets were brought down?

    * The Charm of Prometheus: According to Hesiod and the story of the Argonauts, and retold by Flaccus, there is a flower in the Republic of Georgia with impressive combat-enhancing capabilities. “It shot up first-born when the ravening eagle on the rugged flanks of Caucasus let drip to the earth the blood-like ichor of tortured Prometheus. And its flower appeared a cubit above ground in color like the Korykian crocus[SAFFRON], rising on twin stalks; but in the earth the root was like newly-cut flesh. The dark juice of it, like the sap of a mountain-oak, she had gathered in a Caspian shell… Anoint yourself with that, and you shall have in you seven men’s strength…” To my reading, this doesn’t sound like a fairy tale, but a truthful story subject to some exaggeration. The location is a famous site in Georgia (Mount Kazbek), but the difficulty and potential political obstacles of the terrain demand the attention of a professional. Might you be the one?

    Good luck and pleasant journeys!

  9. Lucy Says:

    Hi again!
    (If by any chance this message comes up twice, I apologize. Somehow I hit the wrong button on my comp.)

    Just wanted to tell you I loved the layout of the show, well worth the wait. Also, I could be wrong, but you looked a bit more fit than the “Living With” days. No, I didn’t just pay attention to you and not the show. It’s a bit hard not to notice as the show is centered around you and your narration.

    Long gone are the days of jolly Olly tromping through the jungles with an umbrella. Now we have a Grace…I mean, Indiana Jones to deal with. Was that a Freudian slip? Come on, who doesn’t want to be a fierce (albeit frightening), strong, Black, female model? I know I do. Legendary! =)

  10. Steph and Craig Says:

    Hi Olly,

    Thanks for the thoughtful answer to our question in a previous post. Love the new show! Looking forward to next week’s episode about Nazca. Went there in 2002 and it really captured our imagination. One of the most interesting things we saw there was a “mummy museum” which turned out to be one local woman’s collection of mummies and bones that she had saved after they were scattered by grave robbers.

    Wishing you happy and safe travels!
    Steph & Craig

  11. Jonathan Mills Says:


    I enjoyed your show last night.

    But I have a couple of questions. In your theory that the ark of the covenant was carried through the underground tunnels, you overlooked the fact that no one was allowed to touch the ark itself without dying (see Numbers 4:15, I Chronicles 13:10, and II Samuel 6:7). It was only to be carried by the poles.

    Also, how do you justify the claim that the only reason to build a Jewish temple was to house the ark of the covenant with the fact that another temple was built on the site of Solomon’s temple called Herod’s temple if it did not have the ark of the covenant but remained the center of Jewish worship?

    Keep up the good work! I look forward to more episodes?

  12. Free Says:


    The show was AMAZING!!! Good job! Can’t wait till next week’s show ; ) Congrats on all the success!!

    I’m so jealous of your job….do you need a co-host?….willing to travel…ANYWHERE. Also, willing to eat random animal balls ; )

  13. Regina McGuire Says:

    Just watched last night’s show and was fascinated with the artifacts related to animal sacrifice. I believe some of the proof you seek can be found in Old Testament prophecy. Specifically Isaiah 19, starting at verse 19. It speaks of the altar of the Lord one day being in Egypt and animal sacrificaing being performed there. And to answer Lolita, if I remember my Old Testament history correctly, many of the utensils were made of bronze. I believe details are in I Kings.

    Although I find this type of archeology fascinating, to Christians the Ark is of little use today since we have Jesus as our ultimate sacrifice.

  14. Kat Says:


    The show was wonderful!!

    As soon as it finished I rummaged up my old copy of the “Sign and the Seal”. I found it interesting that about 15 yrs ago the guardian at Axum had given the author the same responses as he gave you. Makes one wonder what really is inside the temple, but I would imagine that the answer is one of individual faith.

    Anyway – I thought it was absolutely brilliant, educational and entertaining. I can not wait to see what the Nasca lines have to offer.

    I will be watching next week –

    Take Care

  15. Reena Says:

    Hi Olly,

    Great show, I know I am asking the obvious but how was the party and how did you feel watching the premier?
    Did they let you bring friends and family with you to enjoy the premier?
    Would you have to go through all these interviews again and again when your show premieres in each country?
    The interview on Fox was one of the best; you should post it on your own web site. The only way I could watch the interview was by signing up for face book so I signed up.
    If you get a chance you should let us see some pictures of the premier party.
    I hope your show gets picked up for years to come.
    Enjoy the ride.

    Wishing you health, happiness, love & Wealth.

  16. Mimi Says:


    So glad to see you are back on the telly. My husband and I loved watching you and Mark going to all those interesting places and getting into trouble (LOL!) We were happy to see you were wearing your Wellingtons as it looked pretty deep in some places. You keep up the good work. You do have a lot of fans; funny how all the people who rcommented are women. Hmmmm, wonder what that could mean?!

  17. Lissa Says:

    Hi Olly,
    “Mythbusting naked archeologist” is what came to mind to describe your show in a nutshell. Better explain – don’t want to give the wrong impression to other viewers that I might have seen some uncut version of the first episode :-D Thought your show could be the offspring by marrying the concepts of the two shows, “Mythbusters” (Discovery) and “The Naked Archeologist” (International History). I’m sure many know who the Mythbusters are. They test the validity of various myths – whether confirmed, plausible, or busted. For those who aren’t familiar, no, there’s no nudity in The Naked Archeologist :-) Its host travels around holy lands verifying Biblical stories through archeological evidences etc.

    Anyway, when I saw previews of your show, I said, “If there’s someone who could find the Ark of the Covenant, it has to be you!” How unfortunate… you came so close, but I know you gave it your best. Curious what the Israelis really think about the Ark in Axum? Like you I wonder if they’ve made attempts to retrieve it in the past? Also wonder what the Vatican thinks about the Ark? You mentioned many places other than Ethiopia claim to have the Ark as well. Have you found out anything from your research about their authenticity?

    Since the sacrificial altar and treasuries in Tana Kirkos are the closest link you found to the Ark, I wish that you brought along an expert, say an archeologist, who could have verified the sacrificial altar, gomer, etc. … and perhaps could have carbon dated the artifacts later on.

    Have you other roles than being the show’s host/researcher? Are you its only researcher? Since “Solving History” is your own show, do you now have a say on: how it’s edited, how you are presented, and the path it’s heading e.g. topics that are to be featured in the series?

    Looking forward to ep 2. Keep safe,

  18. Christine Says:

    Hi Olly,

    Have a few questions:
    The guy who was your contact in Palestine looked and sounded familiar. Has he been on other shows?
    The arc was taken by Jewish Levi priests but the men now guarding the relics and arc seem to be Christian. I was brought up catholic but never learned or retained much christian history. Are these people in Ethiopia descendants of a Jewish tribe that converted to Christianity at some point?
    Looks like you’re having fun with this show. Hope it continues for a long time. Good Luck, Chris

  19. Michelle Says:

    I have seen the first few episodes and I am wicked excited about your objectivity. Most of these shows where people hunt for items that are of religious importance tend to show their beliefs on their sleeves. They never have skeptics on tv here in the US when it comes to things such as the lost ark.

    I’m excited about the Atlantis episode. Plato was my favorite philosopher up until Schopenhauer. But I must conceed you won’t find Atlantis. Plato was a fantastic story teller and would give so many well thought out details to where the general population may think it must be real.

    I hope you do find something in this series. Good luck. Thanks for looking for truth, too many folks just like to live in ignorant bliss. You are doing something that is important for humanity, whether or not humanity wants it.

  20. Sarah Says:

    Hi Olly,
    You make boring history sound so much more interesting. Have you ever heard of the unsolved cases of female sexual homicides in Ciudad de Juarez? It would be great if you could do a research on this issue. Thanks a lot!

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