Solving History: Sneak Peak: Ark of the Covenant 9Jan10

Here’s a sneak peak of the first episode of Solving History – The Ark of the Covenant… premieres on Wednesday 13th Jan, 10pm… Tune in.. please! Or I’ll get fired!

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  1. Evie Says:

    Olly, this looks absolutely fantastic! Will it be showing on Discovery in the UK anytime soon? :)

  2. Amanda Says:

    Hi olly,
    i think this show will be great addition to your resume! Although I am so sad that “living with the tribes” is over I am impatiently waiting for your new show!! But I do have to ask one or maybe more than one question. My question is have you always known that you that you wanted to this and travel aimlessly around the world for the perfect story? The reason i’m asking is because I’m going to college in about two years and I’m sure i want to major in Photojournalism and write and experience different place for a living, but how do you pursue such an out there career.( it really isn’t, but my family, mostly my mother, seems to think I’m crazy! ) my point is are there any rules to for this kind of work. I know you most likely do not know the answer to this question but an input is greatly appreciated, partly because I’m clueless and I’m a fresh faced teenager from Miami who hasn’t experienced any thing in life so far! So thank you and sorry for the ranting( I usually talk to much! )

  3. Martin Says:

    You wouldnt really get fired would you? Well no worries I will be tuning in thats for sure!

  4. Carmen Says:

    No, don’t get fired, Olly! ;o} TV’s too horrendously boring and mind numbing without the good stuff you do. I’ve got everyone I can muster ready to watch your show on Wednesday. (Unfortunately many are overseas themselves at the moment and may have to catch it in a repeat, but they’ll watch when they return.) Don’t worry, it’ll be great and people will watch! Good luck! Only 3 more days!! (Maybe put some of that Shaolin training to work and do some simple meditation to calm your nerves… that deep, rhythmic breathing does work wonders)

    BTW… I loved the pictures you posted on FB. Fun, interesting and beautiful.

    Take care, Carmen

  5. Lissa Says:

    Just recently found out, Olly, that “Solving History…” is up against one of my long time TV favorites. It’s a dilemma.

    So, I must say sorry… really SORRY…

    to one of my long time favorites (must delay to watch it), because your new show now takes priority on my Wednesday night “must see TV” lineup! :-D
    Have you crossed the pond yet? Thought what a wonderful moment it’ll be for you to watch your show as it premieres here in the U.S. Well, even if you’ve seen it already, have you? Judging by the previews, I’m most certain you won’t get fired. So worry not.
    Want to conclude this blog with an inspiring quote by someone famous. However, nothing else came to mind but… “May the Force be with you.”
    - Lissa :-)

  6. terry lebleu Says:

    Please go to this post of mine to see nasca lines solved data and photos along with comments.

  7. Brian Says:

    Olly, you had it! I don’t know a better way to get to you other than this. The reason there were implements for animal sacrifice outside the Ethiopian “holiest of holies” was a deterrent for Christian priests, followers and those who could profit back in those days. True believers thought outside the box and used those racks to hang “sacrifice” to scare Christianity truth seekers away. Animal sacrifice is repulsive to Christianity, but not to Ethiopia. Look deeper into the meathooks and think about it again

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