Solving History: web site launched… 4Jan10

SOLVING HISTORY WITH OLLY STEEDSHappy New Year… a new year, a new series – although really the accumulation of months of blood, sweat, and eating the odd goat testicle (dont ask)… but the series website has just gone live: SOLVING HISTORY WITH OLLY STEEDS – with sneak peak videos, photos, episode summaries etc. It’s a new year, a new decade and I’m finally starting to work out the digital realms a bit more… So I’ll also be writing up some entries from my journals which will be posted during the series – and will be adding some extra videos and photos on this blog over the next few weeks, and will even start tweeting, and updating my facebook… so stay tuned in… preparing to cross the pond again and try and drum up some interest… although fortunately wont be having to run around in a penis gourd this time! happy days ;-) Happy New Year, Olly

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  1. Kat Says:


    This looks fascinating!! I can’t wait to see it.

  2. Reena Says:

    Hi Olly,

    The commercial for your show is on all the time on the Discovery Channel, the show looks great.
    Does it feel weird knowing that people are watching something you have done almost all the time?
    Olly’s top 10 is great, but #1 under “Strange Misadventures” is a bit sad.
    If you coming anywhere close to the Northeast bundle up it is freezing here.
    There are a lot of mysteries in New York you can solve, it will be great to have you (if you are headed this way).

    Wishing you health, happiness, love and wealth.

  3. Abby Says:

    hey Olly.. I checked out the website and I’m excited for your show to come on.. again congrats on getting your own show.. will you be in New York at all promoting your new show?

  4. Tan Says:

    Hi, Olly
    Read your top ten find something pretty funny and more questions than answer. How did you got away with impersonating a Catholic priest? That must to be once in a life time deal got to see the Vatican City, which only a priest can see. Second, dancing dressed as the devil in a club, is that one beat the chicken dance (got the picture)? Third, Who dare asked you if you a transvestite, have they watch all your adventures? Finally, ever thought of taking GPS, like Tom Tom, Garmin…etc. with you next time you plan to be anywhere near the desert, but with your records of being lost in the deserts GPS probably won’t help either. (don’t feel bad I got lost all the times even with Tom Tom, that why I always drive with the full tank of gas,ha..ha.. somehow, I just have no sense of direction what so ever) Anyway, I’m counting down the date for the 13th. will write more after watching the show, best wish and take care, Tan.

  5. Jinsun Says:

    Hey Olly,

    Long time no talk. How are you doing? Obviously, you are in another exciting adventure that seems so intriguing! Too bad – I don’t get Discovery Channel in Seoul. I should check out youtube instead.

    Can’t wait to see you running around and dashing through arrows & traps (maybe I’m imaging Indiana Jones..) Anyways, stay safe and belated happy new year :)

    p.s – I wonder the khaki military coat bought in Yanbian, China would help your journey. Maybe not.

    - Jinsun

  6. Renata Says:

    Oi Olly!
    So nice to see the blogs back up. Let’s do the first things first. Happy New Year, and good luck on your new project. You really are on of the lucky ones. I was thinking about that the other day. Why some people actually get to do what other people just dream about? I don’t need to repeat what everyone else said you already know that your work is fantastic and we hope to see you more and more. Now, for what I really wanted to say. Discovery is doing you good lol. You look FANTASTIC!! have to say the room got a little warmer after looks at your new site ;)
    Any trips to Brazil? I know you enjoy the Asian culture and spend quite some time there but maybe Brazil can also surprise you. Sorry for the lame post, but i just had to do it.
    Have a great time with your new show and merda to you ;)

  7. CC Richards Says:

    Would you consider investigation into the yet unsolved staggering number of sexual homicides of Ciudad de Juarez?

  8. Angela Says:

    Hi Olly, I just found about you today on Discovery commercial, I am from Ecuador and I am happy to see you are to solve some history, there are some good ones in my country “la cueva de los tayos” is one, congratulations for the program and look forward to see it on Wednesday.

  9. Cheryl Says:

    I’m looking forward to my hubby taping your new adventures. I suppose the reason I found the premise of the new series so intriguing is that even at an advanced age, one can continue to explore the far reaching world vicariously through your efforts. Thank heaven’s for curiousity!!!

  10. Tessie Says:

    Just saw the show and was extremely disapointed in your obvious lack of respect for the guardian. Telling him that you had respect for him and his faith so you won’t try to break in?! How is that respect. Further filming him after he expressly said no cameras may make good TV but is incredibly disrespectful. I am all for solving history but not at the disrespect of others beliefs and culture.

  11. Judy Urban Says:

    Love the new show Solving History with Olly. I am the lady you scared to death in a cell on Devil’s Island, December 15, 2009. I am really looking forward to see ing that one. I hope to hear from you sometime. No one believes my story about our encounter.

  12. Julie b. Says:

    Hey Olly,
    Hello from Michigan!!!!
    Glad to hear from you again, been a long time.
    Happy New Year to ya. Congrats on your new show, it probably will be just as addicting as the Mark and Olly shows were. Do you guys keep in touch?
    Take care Olly,

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