Solving History with Olly Steeds! 24Dec09

Olly in Nazca GraveVery happy Christmas. Sorry for radio silence for large chunks of the year. Finally can say what I’ve been doing…. Sadly no more tribes with Mark but a new challenge called “Solving History with Olly Steeds” for the Discovery Channel – premieres @ 10pm on 13th Jan 2010 in the US and later in the year in the UK and worldwide. It’s a dream come true – mixing up both my passions in a mad recipe of investigative journalism, adventure and some of the world’s biggest mysteries – from the Ark of the Covenant to Atlantis, Nazi Gold to Nazca, from El Dorado to escaping from Devil’s Island (aka Papillion). It sounds rediculous because it is! When they asked me I thought they’d have to be either a) on medication or b) crazy. Fortunately they were both. More after Christmas but in the meantime – here’s a link to a brief summary…. click here… Have a wonderful holidays x Olly x

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  1. Lissa Says:

    Hi Olly,
    Finally the secret is out…congratulations! I read the article, you and the show… what a perfect matchup! Just curious, who came up with the concept? It’s not a mystery, the sensible people who casted you knew exactly what they were doing when they offered you the part. You’re after all “the modern day Indiana Jones”. Wow, to fulfill your passions on a grand scale – definitely a dream come true! I’m truly happy for you! So, how did you celebrate? If you haven’t yet …I suggest you should…or at least jump up and down like a kid who got what he wanted for Christmas!
    Merry Christmas and looking forward to your new show,

  2. Lolita Says:

    Last night (12-23-09) I was rewatching Living with the Mek being impatient for news of your next adventure with Mark. I know that as much as I loved your adventures with him, I am sure the your new series will be as good if not better. In this new time in your life I hope that you will find more “ladies with cheeky smiles”. In this day and age it is so easy to become caught up in the quest of accolades, adventure, imparting of knowledge, fame and fortune (maybe not that so much for you) rember to live your life because it passes so much faster than you realize. I hope you find fulfillment and adventure in places other than your next assignment.

  3. frank Says:

    sounds like a great show Olly . Kind of sad there wont be any more adventures with Mark though . I really enjoyed that show .

  4. Reena Says:

    Hi Olly,

    I am sad that Living with the Tribes is over but so so happy that you are doing something new that you love and sure millions will love watching for years to come.
    May the New Year bring you everything your heart desires and may this be the best year yet.
    The new series sounds great, cannot wait to see it.
    There is one thng you have to do (if you are not doing it already) is wear all the good luck charms the tribes have given you. We want you to be safe on your travels.
    It is inspiring to see you use your gifts from the universe and follow your dreams.

    Wishing you health, happiness, love and wealth.

  5. katie Says:

    great to hear it! the best, and will look forward to watching.


  6. Glenda Says:

    Hi olly marry christmas and happy new year :)your new adventure look awesome I can’t wait tell jan 10 to see it .

  7. Abby Says:

    Hey Olly.. first and foremost I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new years as well… I hope you got everything you wished for and that you enjoyed yourself with your loved ones… also congratulations! :D.. I can’t wait to see your new show.. anyways, please take care of yourself and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you :)

    Abby <3

  8. Carmen Says:

    Hi there, Olly!

    I’m so excited to see the posting about your new show. I have to say that after reading the details, it’s almost embarrassing how excited I am to see these shows!! I become such a geek with this stuff. (lol)
    I’m happy for you that you’ve landed such an incredible series. I can see how it truly would be a dream job. I hope you had fun filming the series. If you ever run low on mysteries to delve into, I can think of dozens for you that would be really nice to have someone take a legitimate, unbiased look into! Good luck with this. I’ll be watching for sure. :o)

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas and were surrounded by loved ones! Take care, Olly.


  9. Sara M Says:

    Hooray! I can’t wait to see the new show, it sounds fascinating. Best wishes for you and the show’s success in the coming year.


  10. Steph & Craig Says:

    Hi Olly,

    My husband and I are avid travelers and have really enjoyed your work. We are curious about something:

    Do you consider traveling with a camera crew to give you more or less of an “authentic” experience than the average traveler? Being a member of the press must give you access to many opportunities that a regular person would not have, but at the same time, has it been a hindrance because there are certain things and events that people do not want you to film?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!
    Steph & Craig

  11. Tan Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Olly!
    I cannot wait to see the show, loved the mystery never tired of watching it. The Ark of the Covenant, the Atlantis, the Eldorado, love it all :) What about the place called “Shambhala”? I’m glad that someone on Discovery is on a) medication and b) crazy ’cause we got you to do the show, Hooray! At least I got another show to watch on Discovery other than “City Under World,” that was a good one too, all the city, and secret passage under ground. I hope is a very long show and continue for a long….long time. Because there so much mystery out there, the adventure of the unknown, the lore of a lost city. I got to stop myself, this is just too much excitements :] Cannot wait for next year to come, especially Jan 13 got to mark my calender for that date. I’m glad that you got the show, Congraduation, Olly! Hope your Christmas is filled with happiness and joy, and all your dream come true. Best wish and take care, Tan.

  12. Jilline Says:

    Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year! I look forward to watching your new program. Not being a big believer in ‘never’ I will hold onto the hope that you and Mark will live among the tribes once again.



  13. Judy Urban Says:

    I am the lady that you scared to death in the solitary confinement cell December 15,2009 on Devil’s Island. I can’t wait to watch your shows. I had no idea who you were or what you had accomplished in your life thus far. WOW I am so very impressed and embarrassed that I did not know. I would love to have an autographed picture of you to show to my friends as I tell them to watch you on Devil’s Island and how you scared me. Best wishes from America. I can email my street address if you wish.

  14. Kathy Dannel Vitcak Says:

    Congratulations on you own show! You deserve it and I know it will be a blockbuster. Those types of scientific mysteries fascinate me endlessly and now…a show dedicated to them AND you are the host! 2010 is gonna rock!

    Thank you!

  15. Tan Says:

    Happy New Year Olly!
    Saw the clip/preview on Discovery last night, I don’t know if you or anyone see them yet. It looked pretty good and definitely cannot wait to see the show. Just want to let you and everyone know. Best wish and take care, Tan

  16. Joey Says:

    hey olly, I’m kind of disappointed that there won’t be any more living with the tribe. That was definitely one of the best things to ever grace television. However I’m happy that you got a show on Discovery, and I’m eager to see it :D

    Good luck man

  17. Veronica Says:

    Hi Olly!
    Great to hear from you again on your website. I am so excited to see your upcoming show! I can hardly wait to know what your new adventures are going to be as well as investigations into the unknown.
    Thank you again for the updates!

  18. admin Says:

    Thank you for all the lovely messages of support and interest in the series – the series website is up with lots of info, photos, sneak peak videos etc – so please take a peek – …. cant wait to hear what you think… preparing to cross the pond to try and drum up some interest… Fortunately I wont have to go out on the streets in a penis-gourd for a change ;-)

    A few quick answers:

    More tribes? Never say never (except when you say that), and very sad not to be living with tribes anymore. 3 extraordinary series, in 3 incredible years with 3 wonderful tribes and of course Mark holding my hand through most of it. Never particularly liked the jungles but for me, it’s always the people that define the journeys in life and I am forever in debt to the wonderful friends I’ve been fortunate to make and will some how find a way to get back and see them – with or without the camera (probably without as our friends have probably had enough of it!) but will let you know what happens.

    Steph and Craig: tricky one – well it largely depends on the situation and the people you want to meet. Obviously the more delicate the situation and the less invasive you need to be, the more important it is to have smaller teams. Ideally I prefer to travel with one other person, to share in the experience and obviously compliment my usually failing knowledge or skill base. Usually the smaller the team, the more opportunities, the less threatening you are, the greater the contact you can have with people and situations you cross paths with on the road. On the other side, working with a film crew or being a journalist provides greater purpose and focus to a journey, can really help to open doors, facilitate logistics and provide encounters with experts, locals etc which otherwise wouldn’t be possible. In Solving History, we mix up the size of the team, so where appropriate I work with just one person, other times, we’ll have a full crew.

    Judy Urban: Are yes! I’m very sorry about scaring you! It was too tempting… having had a night of horrors in solitary confinement cells, my humour compass was a little misdirected! Sorry, couldn’t resist. But if it’s any consolation, I had just experienced one of the most miserable things in my life.

  19. Karla Says:

    I am an avid Discovery Channel viewer (my current favorite show: Man vs. Wild) and have seen the previews for this new show featuring Olly Steeds. I am anxioulsy awaiting it (It also helps that Olly is super handsome!!). I give kudos to those from the West that can travel & live in extremely foreign environments.

    Karla from California

  20. Sheryl Lynne Says:

    Hey Olly, Caught your show on Discovery about the Ark of the Covenant. Great show looking forward to more shows in the future. Good Luck and be safe on your adventures will be tuning in. Sheryl

  21. Darrell Clifton Says:

    Hey Olly, I caught your show the other day for the first time. You have a very good show. I would like to know if you have ever heard of the nephilim giant skeletons, If you ever check it out, please let me know.

  22. Beverly Laila Nickerson Says:

    Loved your show about the Nazca Lines, I have been to Peru a few times Machu Picchu and the Jungle but never made it to see the lines.
    Really like the way you go so deep. Respect your guts to go the to Temple of Doom!
    Beverly Laila Nickerson , Reston VA

  23. Lisa Schauss Says:

    Am watching your show, first one. Love it, I think there is a bit of your dream in everyone. What I would like to see you explore is the legend of Victorio Peak and the missing gold and treasure of Doc Noss…White Sands Missile Base, NM. I find it very fascinating, they say most of it is still there. Quite a story, what is the truth.

    Keep on,
    Lisa , Wenatchee, WA

  24. Bryan Says:

    Solving History with Olly Steeds is an awesome show!

  25. Kate Hensley Says:

    I love your show!! So great to see an inquisitive and entertaining adventure show-thank you so much.

    I missed the the last one to air -new time slot? I thought I’d watch it “On Demand” and couldn’t find it there:( I hope Discovery will add it to their Demand line-up!

    Again, Thank you for the Show!!


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