China Series 30May08

A series of films I’ve just made in collaboration with Chinese documentary directors premiered on Al Jazeera English People & Power and now available for distribution – please get in touch if of interest (full details)

2 feature length documentaries
Red Guards: Cultural Revolution Part II
The Journey down the Yangtze

4 films in collaboration with Chinese directors.
On the Coal Face
The Running Preacher
The Class of 2008
Da Zhai: Living Propaganda

7 Responses to “China Series”

  1. Tanya Malveaux Says:

    Can’t wait to see it. Home it airs in America. Love your work

  2. Mary Evans Says:

    Really enjoyed watching the series on the different tribes. When will the new series be coming out again? Can’t wait to see them.


  3. kayy Says:

    Hi, I am trying to find information on the documentary, Slave: Breaking the Chains. Is there any where i can watch it?

  4. emily andico Says:

    It was fascinating and surely love watching that series about the mek and the kombai tribes. It was such an educational experienced knowing that those tribes have ways of how to live and have their own traditions and cultures. I can’t wait to watch another series. More power to your expeditions!

  5. Carmen Says:

    Well, according to my calculations, your three months living ??somewhere?? are just about up, and we should be seeing signs of life on your website again sometime in the near future. Welcome back, and I cannot wait to see what you’ve been up to. You will have a lot to catch up on once home again! I have to say that I was surprised that you would miss the Olympics in China, since you seem to have such an affection for China… Your China Series was excellent, by the way, but please be careful in your reporting when there!!! I can only say that I hope you are off “living” somewhere for the past few months and not “missing”, as they say, in China. ;o} Take care, be safe and tell us all about your adventures!!!

  6. Lissa Says:

    Hi Olly. I check your website every now and then. What have you been up to lately? Just curious-that’s all. It’s fun reading your blogs and I like watching your documentaries. Hope you’re safe and well.

  7. Kirsten Says:

    I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. I was just watching a rerun of the Mek and for something so serious as making a way to survive daily in the jungle, I find I enjoy the laughs between struggles. To me, that is the ultimate rendering of life…in any culture.

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