Marathon des Sables 27Jan08

Known as the toughest foot-race on earth, 6days, 6+ marathons back-to-back across the Sahara Desert, carrying all your own kit – who in their right mind would want to do this? I ran it to raise money for research into Lupus. Sadly despite good intentions, the Marathon Des Sables became the Marathon Des Sades. Read my journals as I crumble like the weakling I am… and if you still want to do it – seek immediate psychiatric care.

Someone else was mad enough to do all this and take a camera with them…

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I wrote a short article that appears on the St Thomas’ Lupus Trust website as well as a longer piece that you can download (PDF, 197KB). WARNING: this last one is essentially unedited journals and may be offensive if you are French.

Have a look at the Marathon Des Sables official website, the St Thomas’ Lupus Trust site to see why I put myself through all this and also my ramblings from the race.

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  1. Katie Lagacy Says:

    That sounds absolutely brutal! Also, it’s completely understandable for your temporary hatred of the French, and yes, they are an easy target. That’s why I make fun of Canadians.

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