Living with the Kombai – World’s Lost Tribes 27Jan08

Living with the Kombai Tribe in the lowland swamps of the West Papua, New Guinea co-presented a Discovery & Travel channel series with jungle guru Mark Anstice. The traditional hunter-gather way of life of the Kombai has changed little for thousands of years – tools are made from stone, family groups live in tree houses, the men where penis gourds, the women grass skirts, tribal conflict is common and life expectancy is low. Spirits infuse their world where sorcery and witchcraft occurs, the repercussions of which are to be killed and sometimes eaten. 25 years ago a Dutch Missionary made first contact, today only 4000 Kombai remain but there traditional way of life is severely threatened. Read on


Have a look at my thoughts from the trip and a couple of video interviews with Mark and myself

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6 Responses to “Living with the Kombai – World’s Lost Tribes”

  1. Robert Reardon Says:

    I live to watch the movie over and over…I am old and ill i wold love to talk to some of the tribes people….but that is not possible im sure? can I contact some of the tribes people some how ? i have to say I have come to love the people in the video.

  2. Katie Lagacy Says:

    I’m absolutely ecstatic that the Travel Channel will be re-airing Living with the Kombai since I unfortunately was ignorant of it’s existence until the more current Living with the Mek came about, which I was pretty much addicted to. Now I don’t have to worry about going through Mark and Olly (particularly Olly) withdrawals. Well.. At least until that’s over.. Then I have to wait a whole season until your next adventure, but, I’m sure I’ll manage somehow.
    <3 Katie

  3. Rochelle Says:

    I am glad that Living with the Kombai is re-airing because I did not get a chance to watch it most of the time. Now, I can get a chance to see the entire show.

    From the parts of the show that I’ve seen, this is a great show as well! It is good to see how people from different societies live.

    Best Regards,

  4. Lidia Feliciano Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed both programs on living with the kombai tribe and the mek tribe. I am curious though. Both you and mark seemed to have a deep effect on both groups of people and it was tearing my eyes up too to see them cry when you both left.

    Do you both have plans in the future of reuniting with both tribes? I think it would be a great idea and I know both tribes would be ecstatic to see you both again.

    Also are there any more projects in the works to live with a tribe for a
    few months? Am looking forward to more of you’re shows. Olly I have to say,you are the funniest of both,though mark is funny in his own way,you are a crackup.

  5. Alex Says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Sally Says:

    I watched this last night on the travel channel. I LOVED it!! While I can’t imagine living in the manner they do it was so eye opening, we forget there are less civilized people in this world sometimes. It was so very captivating to me, I just can’t get over it… thing I truly couldn’t imagine any one man I know doing is the katoke…WOW!! Just a great show, Thank You!!!

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